Devour – Teh Inn, Normal / Hard Mode (Co-Op)

Normal / Hard Mode (Co-Op)

All credit goes to menTa!

Recommended to be played with 2-4 players:

  • 1-3 Eggs, Zara pacifies with 1-2UV, no red eyes, lasts long enough in this state.
  • 4-6 Eggs, Zara pacifies with 3-4UV, 1 second of red eyes after the first stun. Lasts a considerable time in a calm state.
  • 7+ Eggs, Zara pacifies with 4-5UV. Red eyes after each stun, it activates again quickly.

First of all, this map is quite simple like the farm, and can be passed perfectly with 2 players.

First, we must wake up Zara (who is in the cave) so that we find all the keys and we can open the entire map, and begin to pile up first aid kits (6-7) and bottles of bleach / gel (10) that we will leave them next to the water, I recommend having the first two, leaving the two clean water directly.

Once this is done, we will look for the eggs, only 5 can be found in the first batch, so we will wash the eggs in the water, and we will leave them in the water area at the top of the stairs, in the hole that makes the water and the door where there is a bucket, a bench with towels and a faucet where the water comes out.

You have to leave them as close to the corner as possible.

I recommend pointing the symbols below, the one in the cave (in case there is one) and on the floor above to do everything faster.

When we have already washed the first 5 eggs and you have given us your symbol, we will distribute the eggs and burn all 5 at once, in case of being 2 people as was my case, one takes 3 eggs and the other 2, they have to be relatively close between one egg and another to be able to burn them all.

When Zara gets angry, my technique is to get together in the courtyard where three doors meet, the water door (left), the changing room (front) and the ironing room (right). We wait there until she comes, we stun her there and we run through the water area until we get almost to the cave and we wait there again, when she comes we stun her and we go to the bottom of the cave and wait for her, when she comes we stun her again and we get out of the cave. Zara will calm down and we can continue looking for the eggs.

It is very important to listen after Zara calms down, because where we hear that she vomits, is where there is an egg, we must go fast so that a spider does not steal it.

Once we catch all of them you can make sure and do 2-3 first and then the leftovers, calm her down and that’s it, but it is preferable to do the last 5, because if you burn 2-3 Zara enters the next phase and it will be much more difficult to go to burn the eggs because she will get angry much faster.

I hope you find my guide useful.

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