Kerbal Space Program – How to Use Ground Clamp

Illustrated guide on how to use the new ground clamp.

Items Used

  • Ground Clamp.
  • Docking Port Jr.
  • Engineer.

What to Do

First you need to remove items from Engineers personal storage. Put parachute and jetpack in vehicle storage to clear kerbal inventory space.

Put clamp device in kerbal inventory slot.

Position kerbal where you want to place clamp and right click on kerbal for their inventory.

Place clamp by using the deploy icon on the picture of the clamp in the kerbals inventory. This will allow you to place it the same way you place the deployed science.

When placed properly the spikes should animate into the ground.

Once the clamp is installed on the surface of the celestial body you need to switch to construction mode and place a Docking Port Jr on it.

This will give you a place you can basically dock with the celestial body and connect your physics to the surface.


Dock to ground clamp in order to stabilize a vehicle or base. Once items are docked they share physics so any large bases built should be clamped to avoid the “hop” issues that would often destroy larger bases.

Written by GunsForBucks

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