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Poem Words

Some words might not be added, I was honestly focused on Sayori’s poem words more than anything, but you get the gist of it.



Alone, Adventure, Amazing, Bed, Bliss, Broken, Calm, Charm, Cheer, Childhood, Clumsy, Comfort, Cry, Dance, Dark, Daydream, Dazzle, Death, Defeat, Depression, Embrace, Empty, Excitement, Family, Feather, Fireflies, Fireworks, Flower, Forgive, Friends, Happiness, Heart, Holiday, Hope, Joy, Laugh, Lazy, Loud,Love, Lucky, Marriage, Memories, Misery, Misfortune, Ocean, Passion, Peaceful, Pain, Play, Prayer, Precious, Promise, Rainbow, Romance, Rose, Sadness, Scars, Shame, Sing, Smile, Special, Sunny, Sunset, Sweet, Together, Tragedy, Treasure, Vacation, Wonderful


Suicidal, if you do not do her route first she will commit suicide and you can’t get the perfect ending because you’ll missing her CGs.



Afterimage, Agnozing, Ambient, Analysis, Atone, Aura, Breath, Cage, Captive, Contamination, Covet, Crimson, Destiny, Determination, Disarray, Disoriented, Despise, Disown, Effulgent, Entropy, Eternity, Extreme, Fester, Graveyard, Heavensent, Horror, Imagination, Incapable, Incongruent, Inferno, Insight, Judgement, Lust, Meager, Melancholy, Fickle, Frightening, Philosophy, Pleasure, Portrait, Raindrops, Sensation, Starscape, Suicide, Tenacious, Time, Unending, Uncontrollable, Uncanny, Unrestrained, Unstable, Vertigo, Vibrant, Wrath


Yandere. Into books, very studious. Introvert, loves horror. She’ll become a living horror later on. So choose any words that are somewhat creepy if they’re not in the tables.



Anger, Boop, Bouncy, Bubbles, Bunny, Candy, Cheeks, Chocolate, Clouds, Cute, Doki doki, Games, Giggle, Email, Fantasy, Fluffy, Hair, Hop, Headphones, Heartbeat, Jump, Jumpy, Lipstick, Kawaii, Kiss, Marshmallow, Melody, Milk, Mouse, Nibble, Nightgown, Papa, Parfait, Playground, Poof, Pout, Puppy, Swimsuit, Shopping, Skipping, Socks, Spinning, Sticky, Strawberry, Sugar, Summer, Twirl, Waterfall, Valentine, Vanilla


Tsundere. Into anime, happy-go-lucky, video games. Likes animals, cutesy stuff, food cause she’s always hungry. Dad Beats her. DDLC is her only safe space, ironically.

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