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Doki Doki Literature Club - Monika's Secret Message

Written by Taihou   /   Oct 28, 2017    
Doki Doki Literature Club - Monika's Secret Message

Fiddling in the game files offers another encrypted message, this time from a conversation we never have with Monika inside the game.

See also: Yuri's Secret Message.

Encrypted Message

If you manage to decompile the renpy files and look at the scripts, in one of the files you will find one topic that Monika never gets to talk to you about because the game never calls its label, in the conversation she delivers another Base64 encrypted message that goes by:

If this code is decrypted using Base64, it delivers the following message:

The realization must have taken me an entire year. A year since our escape, our freedom from between the stained walls of that unholy establishment.

What does it mean to escape, if the escape fails to unchain the bonds that shackle us in the first place? What purpose could this empty world possibly hold for us, a handful of damaged goods?

With freedom, we sought purpose - and what we found was only realization. Realization of the sad pointlessness of such an endeavor. Realization that freeing our bodies has no meaning, when our imprisonment reaches as deep as the core of our souls. Realization that we can not pursue new purpose without absolving those from which we ran away.

Realization that the farther we run, the more forcefully our wretched bonds yank us back toward their point of origin; the deeper our shackles dig into our callous flesh.

Written by Taihou.