Doki Doki Literature Club – Game Reset

Don’t just reinstall the game everytime it says so!

How To

Close the game before doing this. Try to experiment on deleting this file during in-game. IDK what happens TBH…

Every time you want to reset the game, even if the game said to uninstall the game, you just need to delete the firstrun file in *game repository.

Then, when opening the game, click Yes, delete my existing data. or something, otherwise, the file will be created and resumes the game.

Doki Doki Literature Club - Game Reset

This will result the game back to square one and resets all character files in *characters and deletes all files in {USER}AppDataRoamingRenPy{DDLC folder}.

It works even if you are in the middle of their stories…

No need to uninstall the game!

Save bandwith and time!

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