No Man’s Sky – How to Make Money (Units)

There are some ways to make Money in No Man’s Sky!


Best Resources are:

  • Emeril.
  • Nickel (also found in big metorites so you may farm it very fast near station).
  • Gold (also found some in metorites but not that much as Nickel).

They are found very often and has good sales 😉

Buy from Aliens and sell to Galactic Market

If you are an Station look for the prices you get for selling some goods take the ones with a star^^ they are +90% of average then go in the hangar and look for the ships in if they got the resource your heading for buy all of it and resell once your inventor is full and repeat.

Vortex Cubes

Some Moons/Planets do have Massive Amounts of Vortex Cubes look in the Caves 😉 They sell ~25k each so carry as much as you can and sell and repeat.

Atlas Balls

Selling Atlas Cubes bring the most money (63k – 120k), but you only get 11 and you need them later so if you sell it be ready to farm alot to buy them (buying costs arround 2.7mil each).


You can find them by finding a Search Beacon (Orange laser to the Sky) get some Chips (10 Plutonium, 10 Iron) then search for Transmission you can find there direct ship wreck or a signal tower others ignore (also good for finding new ships).

If u reach the wreck:

  • Let the Wreck be your ship
  • Dismantle all of its Upgrades
  • Go to your (old) Ship and in the screen to change ship Transfer the Resources you want/need.
  • Enjoy free resources without mining.

P.S. They contain Common – Very Rare Materials.

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