No Man’s Sky – Make 100,000,000 Units Every 3 Hours Mining Activated Indium

Become rich beyond your wildest dreams by building an activated indium farm or come visit mine.


Want so many units you won’t even know what to do with them all? Want to be able to buy a S-class living frigate or two or thirty if you come across them in the wild? Follow this guide and you’ll be richer than your wildest dreams in No Man’s Sky.

All you have to do is set up an activated indium mining farm. It sounds easy. It sort-of is. It just takes a lot of time and materials. You don’t have to build it all out in one go. You can do as much as you can and then come back the next day and keep adding to it until you’ve reached a point where it’s good enough.

I’ll also include coordinates to my farm at the bottom.

Finding the Right Spot

First you have to find an activated indium hotspot. You need to do this in a blue star system. For this you will need a hyperdrive upgrade on your ship or freighter that allows you to travel to blue star systems. Once you get to one start scanning planets and look for a planet that lists activated indium as it’s very first mineral. Do not bother with any planet that lists it last, not first, or not at all.

Get out of your ship and flip your analysis visor to the mineral hotspot locater. You have the Survey Device, don’t you? If not, get the blueprint from Iteration Eos at the Anomaly.

Keep looking for hotspots until you find an activated indium one. Call your ship back and fly a ways away if you find something other than activated indium. Get out and keep looking until you find one. S class hotspots are obviously the best. Keep looking until you find one.

Once you find one drop a base computer down and search for where the max density is with your visor and mark it with a decal. If you’re on a ridge start making flat floors. You will need a lot of space.

Time to Grind

You can build as high and low around the hotspot as you want. Your mining farm is going to have several stories to it. It’s ultimately up to you how high you want to build it but I’ll show you what I did to get ~ 100,000,000 units roughly every 3 hours which is more than enough.

It took 6 floors each with:

  • 8 supply depots
  • 32 mineral extractors
  • 64 solar panels
  • 16 batteries

That’s a total of:

  • 48 supply depots
  • 192 mineral extractors
  • 384 solar panels
  • 96 batteries

That means:

  • 1 supply depot for every
  • 4 mineral extractors which uses
  • 8 solar panels and
  • 2 batteries:
4 solar panels connected to 1 battery
1 battery connected to 2 mineral extractors

You will need a LOT of:

  • Carbon
  • Condensed carbon
  • Magnetized ferrite
  • Chromatic metal
  • Metal plating
  • Gold

Make sure you have tons of this stuff. If you don’t, spend some time acquiring it.

Don’t get overwhelmed by this next part. Take it one step at a time. Think about how you want to do this. You can start by building out 8 supply depots all next to each other so you can harvest them in one click or you can start with 4 today and build 4 more next to them tomorrow or something. Put 4-8 down and then start building more levels with stairs and floors. Put supply depots down so you know where to build the floors above and below and give yourself enough room so they don’t clip. Don’t stop until you have at least 6 floors.

Start from the bottom or the top and work your way down or up. Once you’ve got your 8 supply depots down and next to each other start putting down the solar panels and thinking about how you want them arranged. Keep them off to the sides so you have room for the mineral extractors. Put them in 8 groups of 8. Connect 4 solar panels to 1 battery and keep doing that until they’re all wired and you have 16 batteries ready to power the mineral extractors.

Check the decal on the floor where your max density is and start building your 32 mineral extractors around it 4 at a time. Build 4 and connect them to 2 batteries. 1 battery for every 2 mineral extractors. Once they’re down and powered connect them to the supply depots. Run one supply line from each mineral extractor to a supply depot. Use 1 supply depot for every 4 mineral extractors.

Keep building mineral extractors 4 at a time, powering them and connecting them to a supply depot until all batteries and supply depots are connected.

At this point throw down a save point and save the game. Save every time you finish a level.

Now go do the exact same thing you did on another level. Then another level. Then another level until you’re done.

The Finish Line

Set up an alternative landing pad and a teleporter with 4 solar panels and a battery for easy transport. Come back in around 3 hours for your 100 million units and sell them to traders who land in your freighter so you don’t crash the local economy and tank the demand price.

Go crazy and make something even bigger than this if you want.

Congratulations, you’re rich!

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