Ultimate Fishing Simulator – Beatsy Lake (Easy Fishing)

Here I will show you how to catch the bigest fishes on starting lake.

How Catch Big Fish

To catch the bigest fish on this lake you need to have at least lvl 7. The most valuable fishe here is Brown Trout.

For that big fishes You need max LVL in ENCYCLOPEDIA!. If you don’t have bites on 3/5 spoon try on 2/5. When fishes stop bite on 2/5 you need to equip 3/5 because you have to high level in encyclopedia to catch some species on this size of lure.

To catch the bigest fishes just follow my advices.

  • First – buy spoon similar to mine you can use smaller but not bigger (maximum size of spoon for this lake is 3/5)
  • Second – set reel speed on 3, and reel brake max on 40
  • Third – cast as far as you can and after touching ground start reeling DON’T STOP REELING when you see fish chaseing your lure, after seeting hook you can set reel speed on 5.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator - Beatsy Lake (Easy Fishing)

After doing this you will catch the bigest fishes on this lake. You can see results of my method on film below.

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