20 Minutes Till Dawn – How to Obtain Pacifist Achievement with Lilith

Quick guide on how to do Pacifist (never fire your weapon) achievement with Lilith when the more preferred method is using Hina instead.

Pacifist Achievement Guide (with Lilith)

All credit goes to Charles Redd!


  • Gamemode: Standard 20 minute timed
  • Darkness: 0
  • Character: Lilith
  • Achievement hunt: Pacifist


Set your runes up like so to maximize summon damage, xp pickup range, survivability, and movement.

Your gun choice doesn’t matter as much but be noted if you pick grenade launcher you will not be able to use splinter/reaper rounds synergy as it will turn the game into a minefield. Choose something reliable like the revolver for it’s decent damage, this is so that your gun glyph rune will help you with early damage despite it being so meager at the beginning. (I used bow to mess around with testing projectiles and such on my successful run and it didn’t make much of a difference, revolver would of had more damage.)

Gameplay Walkthrough

Now, the main reason I did this achievement with Lilith is because I like her character ability of summoning homing spirits. Simple as that, just thought it’d be neat to do this challenge with a character not exactly intended for it.

To start off you cannot use your weapon at all if you are attempting this achievement. As stated in the runes section I advise against picking grenade launcher unless you want splinter/reaper rounds making your life hell. The early game strat is to let your gun glyph spawn and squishy up the enemies in hopes of getting that sweet, sweet xp. Once 2 minutes have gone by Sploders will begin spawning and the way you start off your run is to get a decent sized horde up and walk near them to trigger their friendly fire explosion. Do this a few times to get level 2 and pray for a summon upgrade. Rinse and repeat this if you don’t get a summon upgrade until you do. Once you finally have a summon, your objective is to dodge and weave and scrounge up xp while your summons do all your work.

Any summon will do to get you started but my personal favorites are electric bug and light weaponry. Because you take the holy shield rune you can also roll divine wrath rather early and it makes for good passive wave clear.

I won’t hold your hand in exact build path, but the general idea is try to get some kind of summon. Try to get a dragon early on so that you can get the scaling dragon upgrades so that your dragon can carry you with damage later when everything else starts to fall off. The dragon is especially useful because the projectiles follow your cursor, thus giving you a way to aim damage and not have to rely on random wave clear from your summons. I recommend splinter and reaper rounds for effective wave management and a good solid way to keep summoning spirits with consistent damage. Try to get to ritual as soon as possible as this will make your splinter/reaper rounds scale infinitely. I did not have ritual myself in my successful run so it isn’t 100% needed, but it sure would make your splinter more useful. And one more thing, try to go for assassin when you can as the insta-kill it grants at 20% enemy hp is wonderful for your clear speed on your splinter, spirits, and dragon fire blasts.

As always with 20MTD, do what feels right to you in the moment. Prioritize survival, and keep moving so you don’t die. This run was done successfully on darkness 0 as I was only going for the achievement with a fun method. I am hopeful that it is possible on 1-15 given enough tries and enough luck. If you find yourself enjoying this play style please do feel free to respond in comments with your attempts and how far up the darkness scale you got while trying this.

Happy hunting.

Post Walkthrough Notes

This run should be theoretically possible on anyone, but, the two main contenders are Hina for her shadow clone and Lilith with her spirits. I did this in a stroke of genius after realizing you can get xp without firing your gun and just thought it’d be super fun to try it with Lilith. Playing games in weird, obscure ways can be so much fun!

Pairing Hina with the grenade launcher makes for a shadow clone that hits very hard and has great damage early game to get you set up and can scale into the late game to still be useful. This method however ensures you basically cannot use the splinter/reaper rounds pairing as it turns your game into a mine field of death. You could go a damage reliable weapon such as revolver and use the gun glyph rune paired with shadow clone to get xp early game and get the ball rolling. As far as I know this is the intended, more or less, method to get this achievement and it’s how my friend got it.

Pairing Lilith with reliable damage such the revolver and the gun glyph rune will grant you decent early game damage to get xp with.(more about this in the main guide)

Diamond shows great potential to be a cheesy way to get this achievement since her bullet damage can infinitely scale thus making splinter/reaper rounds great damage. She’s also the tankiest character of them all giving her great survivability.

I attempted Hastur and he seemed to just not be up to snuff since his tentacles are, in my personal opinion, kinda meh.

In short, I don’t see why this method wouldn’t and couldn’t work for just about any of the cast. You’d simply just have to suffer through the first few minutes scrounging for xp to get some levels and get the ball rolling.

Good luck!

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