Marauders – Ultimate Pirate Guide (CAT)

Definitive Guide to Pirate

First Step: First Time Loadout

So lets not get things off in the wrong start, who doesnt like wearing full gear while being fully loaded on your first raid, gotta be safe right!?

Going into the map without any map knowledge what so ever would be a bad idea. Never hurts to run in but naked (No loot or gear) and just explore the map a bit, get a gun a loot here and there and bam! You are on your way on being a Titan Marauder!

Exploring the map and getting knowledge of the game without any fear of loosing anything can be a huge bonus to yourself. Thus making your first gaming experience well known.

Second Step: Map Knowledge

Basic thing here is to board every god dayum new ship or new area you have discovered, this being when you first enter areas they give you a new feeling to the game, a new feeling that every player feels. Fear!

Knowing where to look and where the enemies might be coming from can always lead you to your victory along with a new ship/Items!

So dont fear on taking the first step seriously so you can learn the most out of everything you visit.

Third Step: Doing Missions

Starting missions is a great way to get ahead in the game!

By not doing missions you loose valuable space in inventory for things you can not craft so Get those missions done!

The first few level up crafting items will be medical which are a must in combat or plain survival so get those missions done explorer!

Fourth Step: Getting FAT Loot

So whats not the best feeling when you raid a ship with 4 people and come out victorious?

Looking for great high level gear is the best but finding sheets of metal, oil, cosmetics is even better!

With these constructive items and by completing the missions you will be able to craft your own stronger ships along with upgrading them to make them even faster, stronger and just unique! Vehicle Customization will be out and more info will be put in this section.

Armor is another subject but finding a fat stack backpack along with a strong level 12 armor rig with inventory space so beware, there are the same copies of the armor but with slot storage built into the armor! This giving the play 4-16 more inventory slots to use so keep an eye on armor with rigs on them!

PVP/Survival Gear

Gear is listed from 1 up to 12!

Armor has not been tested out yet but will be updated once we have recorded the damage log and armor penetration for each armor set so give us time!

Gear such as armor chest plates can also come with rigs containing up to 4-16 extra slots to the extra players inventory.

Backpacks can have up to 8-38 slots depending on the backpack of course.

Sadly you can not put backpacks inside of backpacks but atleast there will be loot for everyone!


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