Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Console Commands (Cheat Codes)

How to use the console commands in Kingdom Come: Deliverance and disable the HUD for those oh so great screenshots!

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How to Use Console Commands

Commands for this game are pretty basic, and act a lot like Skyrim console commands, so you shouldnt have a problem learning them. To use the console, press ~, then input the code and press Enter.

How to Enable / Disable Interface

  • g_showHUD 0 – Disables HUD.
  • g_showHUD 1 – Enables HUD. 

Graphic Commands

  • r_Motionblur 0 – Disables motion blur.
  • cl_fov X – Sets the field of view to X (default is 60).
  • e_ViewDistRatio X – Changes the distance at which objects start to render (default is 500).
  • e_ViewDistRatioVegetation X – Changes the distance at which trees start to render (default is 500).
  • e_MergedMeshesInstanceDist X – Changes the distance at which grass is animated (default is 20).
  • r_vsync 0 – Disables Vsync.
  • r_depthofFieldmode 0 – Disables Depth of field durring dialogue.

Gameplay Commands

  • e_TimeOfDay – Shows the current time.
  • wh_pl_showfirecursor 1 – Adds a reticule when aiming a bow.
  • p_gravity_z X – Changes the intensity of gravity (default is 13).

Items & Money

  • wh_cheat_money X – Gives a certain amount of money.
  • wh_cheat_addItem [X Y] – Gives X amount of item with the Y ID.

Note: All Item Commands!

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