Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Belladonna Farm Location (Herb Guide)

A place to find over fifty Belladonna plants at once. And fivehundred Mint and around hundredfifty comfrey. Plus some easy instructions on how to make Saviour’s Schnapps easy and quickly!

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Belladonna Farm Location

Above you see the exact location of the farm. Be warned though, it is guarded generally by three bandits who attack on sight. They’re armed in various state of chainmail armors. Once beaten, you have access to around fiftyish Belladonna and a bunch of mint and comfrey.

This location respawns as well, so it can be repeated.


Belladonna in the Wild

Finding Belladonna in the wild can be tricker, since it masquerades easily as any other bush. During the side quest “A bird in the Hand…” you are sent to an area west of Rattay that has plenty of single belladonna plants in an open area, not the quickest or ideal location to collect – but if you’re already here. Might as well!

Fly Agaric / Some Belladonna

Here you can find around fourty-fifty fly agaric and a dozen belladonna, some comfrey. If you move from here to the alchemist trader to the north-west you can pick up some more fly agaric, it doesn’t grow inside the garden itself, but rather all around the area. From the garden down to the stream, and up towards the herbalist.

Nettle, Eyebright, St John’s Wart, Wormwood

Alchemist north of Talmberg has a garden that grows a lot of Nettle, but you can find Eyebright, St John’s Wart and Wormwood as well.

Poppy / Marigold / Wormwood

Here you can find around 179 Poppy, 42 Marigold and 42 Wormwood. There are a half dozen thistle plants and a couple sage as well, close by. Also the field just north of it is circled with a lot of nettle.

Thistle Field

Here’s a field near Merhojed that is filled with thistle, some random flowers in the area as well – Marigold and Poppy.

St. John’s Wort

You can find around 90ish St. John’s Wort here, near the mill you start at, just across the water.


Here is a field that grows Chamomile and Marigold near Talmberg, it is however spaced out. But there’s plenty of it.

Schnapps Instructions

Okay, I am not claiming this is the quickest or most effiecient method. But it’s an easy method I discovered myself that never fails and lets you crank out them schnapps easily. You avoid turning the sandglass and do everything just timed by the very time it takes to execute the actions.

  • Pour wine
  • Put nettle in cauldron
  • Put 2xBelladonna in mortar
  • Pull 8 times on bellows
  • Use mortar
  • Put mortar contents into cauldron
  • Pull bellows two times
  • Get Phial
  • Count 2 missisipi
  • Done!

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