Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Belladonna Farm Location (Herb Guide)

A spot to simultaneously discover more than fifty Belladonna plants. Additionally, there were 500 mints and perhaps 350 comfrey leaves. Along with some simple directions for making Saviour’s Schnapps fast and easily!

Belladonna Farm Location

The map shows exactly where the farm is. Watch out though, there are usually three bandits guarding it who will attack as soon as they see you. They have different kinds of chainmail armor. After you beat them, you can get about 50 belladonna plants and a lot of mint and comfrey.

This location respawns as well, so it can be repeated. Success!

Belladonna in the Wild

Finding Belladonna in the wild can be tricker, since it masquerades easily as any other bush. During the side quest “A bird in the Hand…” you are sent to an area west of Rattay that has plenty of single belladonna plants in an open area, not the quickest or ideal location to collect – but if you’re already here. Might as well!

Fly Agaric / Some Belladonna

In this area, you can find about 40-50 fly agaric mushrooms and 12 belladonna plants. There’s also some comfrey around. If you go northwest from here to the alchemist trader, you can get more fly agaric. It doesn’t grow in the garden, but all over the place outside it. You can find it from the garden down to the stream and up near the herbalist.

Nettle, Eyebright, St John’s Wart, Wormwood

Alchemist north of Talmberg has a garden that grows a lot of Nettle, but you can find Eyebright, St John’s Wart and Wormwood as well.

Poppy / Marigold / Wormwood

Here you can find around 179 Poppy, 42 Marigold and 42 Wormwood. There are a half dozen thistle plants and a couple sage as well, close by. Also the field just north of it is circled with a lot of nettle.

Thistle Field

Here’s a field near Merhojed that is filled with thistle, some random flowers in the area as well – Marigold and Poppy.

St. John’s Wort

You can find around 90ish St. John’s Wort here, near the mill you start at, just across the water.


Here is a field that grows Chamomile and Marigold near Talmberg, it is however spaced out. But there’s plenty of it.

Belladonna Field Near Uzhitz

Look at this huge field, north of Uzhitz (Uschitze), with plenty of belladonna.

Woodland Gardens in Sassau

Southwest of Sassau, there’s a big woodland garden with belladonna and lover’s knot. Just ride 150 meters into the woods from Sassau village to find it.

Merhojed / Talmberg

There’s another woodland garden with lots of resources between Merhojed and Talmberg. It’s near a bandit camp that had three bandits guarding it, but they’re dead now. This garden isn’t as big as the Sasau one but still has over 40 belladonna plants. It’s worth checking out.

Samopesh / Wilderness South of Vranik

Just south of Samopesh is a third large woodland garden. It has belladonna bushes all around it and the usual herbs inside. A bit north of it is a regular garden with more herbs.

The herbalist’s hut in Samopesh also has a small garden with some belladonna.

There’s another belladonna spot in the middle of nowhere, south of Vranik.

Panzkey made a map of Kingdom Come: Deliverance showing where all the woodland gardens are. But remember, a lot of these gardens are hard to find even when you know where they’re supposed to be. And only a few actually have belladonna.

Garden Locations and Herbs in Them

Little gardens may be found all over the map; if you need anything special right away, these are all the places and what they have.

Click to enlarge…

  1. Various Herbs
  2. Valerian, Belladonna, Herb Paris
  3. Mint, Valerian, Herb Paris, Comfrey, Belladonna
  4. Sage, Mint, Valerian, Herb Paris
  5. (Einbeere), Valerian
  6. (Salbei), Belladonna
  7. Various Herbs
  8. Various Herbs
  9. (Einbeere), Mint, (Beinwell)
  10. Mint, (Beinwell)
  11. Mint, Valerian, Comfrey, Belladonna
  12. Mint, Comfrey, Belladonna
  13. Mint, Valerian, Herb Paris, Comfrey
  14. Mint, Valerian, Herb Paris, Comfrey, Belladonna + John’s Wort
  15. Various Herbs
  16. Belladonna
  17. Valerian, Sage, Eyebright, Comfrey
  18. Mint, Valerian, Herb Paris + Marigold, Eyebright, John’s Wort
  19. Nettle, Herb Paris, Mint
  20. Mint, Comfrey
  21. Mint, Herb Paris, Comfrey, Belladonna
  22. Sage, Belladonna
  23. Belladonna, Mint, Herb Paris
  24. Mint, Comfrey, Belladonna, Wormwood,
  25. Lepiota, Boletus Edulis, Valerian, Mint, Dandelion, Sage, John’s Wort, Nettle
  26. Comfrey, Mint
  27. Comfrey, Mint, Sage, Belladonna
  28. Wormwood, Herb Paris, Marigold
  29. Marigold, Wormwood
  30. Herb Paris, Sage, Comfrey, Mint
  31. Mint, Sage, Marigold (Herb Paris & Comfrey)
  32. Herb Paris, John’s Word Comfrey, Marigold, Belladonna
  33. Mint, Comfrey, Sage
  34. Mint, Comfrey, Sage, Wormwood
  35. Mint, Sage (A Little Herb Paris, Belladonna)
  36. Mint, Sage, John’s Wort
  37. Belladonna, (Beinwell), Mint, Nettle
  38. (Beinwell), Valerian, Belladonna

Schnapps Instructions

This method might not be the fastest or best, but it’s easy and always works for making schnapps quickly. You don’t need to use the hourglass timer. Just do each step one after another without waiting around. The steps take the same amount of time that the hourglass would anyway.

  • Pour wine
  • Put nettle in cauldron
  • Put 2xBelladonna in mortar
  • Pull 8 times on bellows
  • Use mortar
  • Put mortar contents into cauldron
  • Pull bellows two times
  • Get Phial
  • Count 2 missisipi
  • Done!
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