Fallout 4 – All Unique Weapons in DLC

All Unique Weapons in the Fallout 4 DLC.

Ballistic Weapons

  • December’s Child [Far Harbor] – Found in DiMA’s secret facility in the basement of Vim! Pop Factory. (Bring Nick Valentine with you to get easy access).
  • Kiloton Radium rifle [Far Harbor] – Sold by Kane in The Nucleus. 
  • Lucky Eddy [Far Harbor] – Reward for completing The Way Life Should Be. 
  • Old Reliable [Far Harbor] – Sold by Dejen at Acadia. 
  • Radical Conversion [Far Harbor] – Quest reward for completing Ablutions. 
  • Splattercannon [Nuka World] – Sold by Aaron Corbett. 
  • The Problem Solver [Nuka World] – Given by Mason during An Ambitious Plan, after passing a hard Charisma check. 

Energy Weapons

  • Hub’s Alien Blaster [Nuka World] – Given by Dara Hubbell during Trip to the Stars. 
  • Salvaged assaultron head [Automatron] – Found in a large chest shortly before exiting Fort Hagen hangar, after the fight against Ivey. 
  • Tesla rifle [Automatron] – Looted off of Ivey’s body in Fort Hagen hangar.

Heavy Weapons

  • Admiral’s Friend [Far Harbor] – Sold by Allen Lee in the town of Far Harbor. 
  • Aeternus [Nuka World] – Dropped by the Rogue knight during Amoral Combat. (Repeatable quest which should trigger everytime you come back to Nuka Town USA. Fight in the arena five times and you should meet the Rogue knight).
  • Nuka-nuke Launcher [Nuka World] – Reward for completing Cappy in a Haystack, if you switch off the power. 
  • Sergeant Ash [Far Harbor] – Sold by Dejen in Acadia. 
  • Skipper’s Last Stand [Far Harbor] – Reward for Completing Shipbreaker. 
  • The Striker [Far Harbor] – Found in Beaver Creek Lanes. (It is located in an upstairs office that can be accessed by taking the stairs up in the employees only hallway).

Melee Weapons

  • Atom’s Judgement [Far Harbor] – Reward for completing The Heretic. 
  • Bloodletter [Far Harbor] – Reward for completing Blood Tide. 
  • Cito’s Shiny Slugger [Nuka World] – Reward for completing Safari Adventure, if Cito and his family are allowed to leave/stay. 
  • Fencebuster [Far Harbor] – Found in Vault 118 in a corner of the Atrium.
  • Sword of Wonders [Nuka World] – Reward for completing A Magical Kingdom. 
  • The Fish Catcher [Far Harbor] – Sold by Allen Lee in the town of Far Harbor. 
  • The Harvester [Far Harbor] – Found in a steamer trunk at Echo Lake Lumber. The trunk is found in the large building on the top floor, behind an advanced locked door (You can easly remove the door with the help of the Workshop).
  • Throatslicer [Nuka World] – Sold by Katelyn Alden.

Unarmed Weapons

  • Butcher’s Hook [Far Harbor] – Sold by Erickson at Horizon Flight 1207.

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