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Mirror - Ebony's Pain and Pleasure Achievements

Written by inksolblind   /   Updated: June 12, 2018    
Mirror - Ebony's Pain and Pleasure Achievements

How to get 1000 points with Ebony.

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Pain Route

  • Choose option: "Don’t be so naïve! Self-conceited bih, just fulfill your duty as a sacrificial offering!"
  • Mummy her meow.
  • Choose option: "I'm not interested in women".
  • Mummy her meow.
  • Receive harem ending.

Pleasure Route

  • Choose option: "Ha, even if you say so, I can’t destroy their toy away now can I?"
  • Caress her thigh with the feather until you reach 450 points, then dild her face.
  • Choose option: "If Augie Terry is a sex object, I am interested in this feast, but I’d better not interrupt you".
  • Feather her breasts twice, then dild her meow.
  • Receive girls ending.

Written by inksolblind.

Game:   Mirror