Darkest Dungeon – Tips for Stygian

Useful Tips for Stygian

  • At the last fight of a run drop light level to 0 before the reward screen to get most loot out of it.
  • When you project about 4 fights left of the run use your campfire, or earlier if you can use the stress heal. Don’t wait too late or you’ll waste inventory space. Consider it a failure if you end a dungeon with an inventory slot empty or containing supply items. You cannot get hunger activation on tiles containing something.
  • The victory condition is mostly irrelevant. The actual mission objective is to fill the inventory. The victory condition is only useful for taking shambler fights. Take them after the victory condition has been met.
  • You can bring extra torches so that if you have a fight in a chest room followed by some scouted curios drop the torch to 0 at the end of the fight and then when you collected the last curio get it back up with your extra torches.
  • Don’t take short missions, they won’t fill your inventory.
  • Don’t take long missions unless you bring an antiquarian or you need the trinket. They just give too much xp and not enough gold to keep pace with the upgrades.
  • Try to beat missions without needing items such as bandages and antivenom. They cost money and block inventory.
  • My recommended curio supplying is 3 shovels and 2 keys regardless of location (medium). Then:
Ruins: 2 holy water, +1 keys.
Warrens: 2 Herbs
Weald: +1 shovel, bandage, antivenom and herb.
Cove: 3 herbs +1 shovel.

Try to generate enough gold to have at least 1 hero in the sanitarium each week and don’t forget to lock in great quirks such as early riser. You can lock in good and remove bad at the same time.

Champion is a big jump in difficulty. Do not get overconfident because you are crushing veteran and think you can bring level 4 gear to champion. If you don’t have the money for level 5, go get some more with a veteran team.

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