Ultimate Custom Night – How to Get 2000 Points Easily

Do you want to get that second office and cutscenes without slight difficulty? Well follow this guide, and you’ll be on your way!

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Characters, and Number Configs

These characters are all at twenty. This does seem difficult, but it will be easier as you discover more and more. The Chars (all at 20).

  • Freddy Fazbear (FNaF1)
  • Bonnie (FNaF1)
  • Bonnie (FNaF2, Toy)
  • Chica (FNaF2, Toy)
  • Trash and Gang
  • Helpy
  • Foxy (FNaF6)
  • El Chip
  • Chica (FNaF6, Funtime)
  • Phone Guy


The strategy is fairly simple. Read carefully, and follow it, and unlock that office!

  • Check on Freddy, and when he arrives to your door, shut it with the A key.
  • Never check pirate cove. This will get you hit by Bonnie. There is no need to check it, as Foxy is not active.
  • Put on the mask when your screen flickers/when you see one of the Toy Animatronics.
  • Ignore the annoying animatronics. They will just get in the way.
  • Optional: Mute the phone guy, also as click Helpy.
  • Do not click the parrot so you do not have any risk.

Good luck, and get that office!

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