BIGFOOT – Update 2.0 Guide

This guide will explain, in-depth, how to play the new update.

Starting Out

So, you’ve just been dropped off by a helicopter that knows your certainly doomed. What do you do now?
First off, you should know a few things. Press “2” and quickly select your rifle and load that baby up. It is more than likely a random time that is prearranged by the game. If it is night, press “F” to turn on your flashlight. Press “Q” to see your inventory. No matter what time it is, start sprinting your way towards the “Abandoned Research Cabin.”

Spoiler: If you are lucky, you may see BIGFOOT across the lake to your left. Do what you will with that information.

On arrival, you will notice you have supplies inside the cabin. Press “E” to interact. Grab all supplies inside, unless in Co-Op (in which case, be polite and distribute it appropriately), and then check to see what time it is by the new tablet! (Press Tab) Go place your cameras (press 4) to your preference and if you picked up the traps inside, you have 2 meat to place down as well. When placing down traps, place them by holding left click, select meat, and click on your trap with meat selected. Now, move closer to your trap and hold “E”. This will cover the trap with the respective materials. Now that you have camera’s and traps set, you can decide what to do for the night. Personally, I’m a chicken and would prefer to hide in the cabin. This isn’t 100% safe but it sure feels like it.

If you would rather go out and search overnight, be careful and watch your every step.
Here are some places of interests. I don’t want to spoil anything for you about what the locations are, but each one of them has different supplies at them for your survival.

BIGFOOT - Update 2.0 Guide

All Supplies

  • Flare Guns: Still scare him away, -ish… not really… whatsoever. They are not buggy, just not 100% effective at all times, to be honest, they aren’t even 25% effective at any time. 
  • Signal Flares: Scares Bigfoot away… not really… whatsoever – again. We’re thinking that it is needed to call the helicopter back if you capture BIGFOOT, does not work against Bigfoot. (found that the hard way) 
  • Cameras: Very useful, spread them out to cover many areas 
  • Traps: A very good way to attract him to the area if the meat is placed. Hold “E” on traps to hide them in the snow, otherwise BIGFOOT will not go through them. 
  • Meat: Gainable through killing animals around the area, used at traps to bait Bigfoot in 
  • Nightvision Cam: Press “N” and use your aim button. Non-rechargeable battery 
  • Drone: Found under the bed, useful within a certain range. Not waterproof! (found that the hard way) 
  • Medicine: The most valuable thing in the game besides your life, which both go hand in hand 
  • Sticks: Useful to keep your life, used to refuel campfires (hit left click with a stick selected). 
  • Tablet: Press TAB, explore. 
  • Campfire: Useful to warm you up, anything around 30 degrees Celsius will result in freezing to death. (6 sticks to make a campfire) 
  • Tent: Useful when the cabin is just too far away. Not Bigfoot proof! (found that the hard way as well) Light attracts Bigfoot in the tent, also found that the hard way. 
  • Knife: Useful to skin animals you kill to gather meat, does not work against Bigfoot. (found that the hard way) 
  • Rifle: Nearly your only means of survival/defense. Does work against Bigfoot! 

Bigfoot Behavior

So, finding BIGFOOT. What you came here for, no doubt. Now, first, you may be asking “dear god what is that thing running at me, with green eyes!” or “Oh my god what just roared!” – That, ladies, and gentlemen is a BIGFOOT. A “Sasqu-wa-wotch” if you will. The fact is he runs faster than you see half the time. One moment he is on the left side of the map, the next he is behind your cabin. I speak from personal experience.

Bigfoot’s Opinion on Agression

Bigfoot is the type of guy that just wants to enjoy his freezing, deadly, and secluded territory of freezing cold Glacier Bay. You are there to take him down though, all while surviving his dangerous land. He is normally a pretty caring guy, and until you show aggression he won’t attack you. This means you have to shoot at him, he has to walk into a trap, or you just generally are a ♥♥♥♥ to him. Many have complained that he never attacks, its because you have to make the first move. He will literally run right past you, its happened before. The more aggressive you are, i.e. the more damage he takes and the less health he has, the more aggressive he is — meaning he will attack you more often.


In the daytime, Bigfoot is relatively calm unless you walk up onto his position. He won’t attack you directly, however, he has been spotted following us before from a distance. You may notice that something went flashing past your screen ahead of you or on a camera, that’s him. If you think you saw him, you more than likely did.


In the nighttime, it is a different story. We’re not even talking full nighttime, dusk will suffice for his wants and needs. You will more than likely hear him moan, roar, scream, have an ♥♥♥, whatever it might be before he attacks you. You are more likely to be hunted and attacked at nighttime.

Bigfoot’s Opinion on Light

Bigfoot cannot be confirmed yet he dislikes light but in the instances, Matthew and I have been camping out in a tent, he seems to go for us more often when our light is on or when our campfire is burning. Which, not to mention he will stomp out your campfire and destroy your entire tent permanently if you are attacked while camping out. However, I was on a solo and he did seem to attack me a lot quicker when I had a tent set up with the light on and a campfire nearby.

Bigfoot’s Opinion on Food

Well, the cold, hard truth is that you are food. As I have said, he goes after meat, and when I say meat I mean any type of meat. This will include deer, foxes, the meat you get from those sources, and yourself included! He does seem to prioritize meat placed than yourself though, so just keep a steady supply of that for him and it’ll be all good… ish!

Bigfoot’s New and Improved Combat

Now for the fun part, how he attacks. Bigfoots attacking methods have gotten a huge overhaul. His “patrol route” could not be any more random. The map, being as huge as it is, means he could be anywhere. There is no preparation for his attack.

Now we, of course, have the good old backhand. This is his preferred move. He will run up to you at what seems like supersonic speed, fast enough to break the sound barrier, and then backhand you. This will make you fall down and ragdoll. Also, not to forget, he enjoys (while you are clinging back to life) he will come up and stomp or hit you again while laying down.

You may be lucky enough to get hit and basically thrown backward. Yes, thrown. I haven’t figured up if he picks you up or not but I have seen a good friend of mine get thrown backward 50 feet or more. We had a closed casket funeral about an hour ago.

Bigfoot’s New and Improved Movement

So, to dive right into it and as I have mentioned, Bigfoot runs at the speed of an F-18 and has the health of an M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank. Bigfoot now can jump, you may notice this when he is attacking you but I am not talking about the miniature jump in front of you. Bigfoot has the ability to jump over an entire hill and I have seen it happen. Mathew and I were camping out on a cliff formation right below a small hilltop. Bigfoot attacked and ransacked the camp. Just when we thought he was gone, he attacked again by jumping in front of us from over the hilltop and attacking us again. As he ran away we got another false sense of security and he attacked yet again! He, this time, climbed up the cliff/rock formation. Not sure if this was built into the game for him to climb, but he definitely figured out to somehow! And, as I have said if you see something flash ahead of you and you think its bigfoot, it is him. If you think Usain Bolt is fast, you should see this mother-♥♥♥♥er on the track.

Places of Interest

Abandoned Research Camp

Your home base and main cabin out in the Alaskan wilderness. Bigfoot doesn’t yet attack you inside the cabin to my knowledge.

Hunting Towers

Hunting towers are in a quad formation around the cabin. They are on peaks of smaller hills and you can normally obtain a good amount of ammo, medicine, signal flares, and flare gun shells

Glacier Cove

A cave where there are dead carcasses and normally a supply of flare gun shells, ammo, and signal flares. Not exactly sure how those got there.

Abandoned Camp

This is a ransacked camp, it is placed in one of the blue areas and has supplied around the area. I have found medicine, ammo, and a trap.

Mystic Stones

An odd area with three stones on it and one built into the ground in the middle. Very out of place and the one in the middle has symbols on it. Food for thought.

Mountain Cave

Bigfoots cave. Nothing else to be said. Some meat found inside but this is 100% it.

Ancient Cave

A cave near Mystic stones. Lots of dead animals and low supplies inside. Fairly hidden and very shallow for details.

BIGFOOT - Update 2.0 Guide


Setting Up a Lobby

First of all, you and your friend need to discuss what server you plan to be on. Let me explain. Lobbies in this game are made and connections are through Steam download areas. You and your friend need to be on the same download region.

BIGFOOT - Update 2.0 Guide

Bigfoots Health

The more people in a lobby, the more health Bigfoot has.
One shot to Bigfoot with a 2 player lobby, will do much more damage to him than a shot in a 4 player lobby. One shot also does a quarter or 1/4 the damage of what a trap will do to Bigfoot.


There are more supplies inside the cabin and at the places of interest when there are more players in a lobby. I have found there are 5-7 boxes of ammo sometimes in the cabin in a 4 player lobby.

Prioritizing Players

Before, in BIGFOOT 1.0, he always prioritized the host of the server. Not any longer. Bigfoot goes after whoever the hell he wants and even though it is not proven, he seems to go after the people in the smallest group. If you are in a 4 player lobby and stick together, we have found he seems to be less likely to attack you then if you split up in twos. We cannot confirm this, but it is a fairly obvious to us at least.

Rejoining a Lobby

The game BIGFOOT also supports joining back when leaving. For instances, Matthew left a game because his internet timed out and was able to join back without any issues.

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