Monster Hunter: World – Bow Guide

How to mid/late game with the bow.

Bow Guide Early High Rank to End of Campaign

I’m posting this guide to try and help players advance from mid game to the end of story mode. I’m not the best player and battled through most of the content until I figured a few things out so here it goes.

The three bows I used were:

  • The Kadachi bow – So many enemies weak to thunder at this point of the game that this is a great bow to have/easy to take out legiana, easy to make plus paralysis coating for when the enemies become enraged. 
  • The legiana bow – a great bow to take out diablos/teostro, easy to make once you have the kadachi bow 
  • The Diablos bow – pretty much great at take out anything that isn’t weak to ice/thunder, hard to make but easier with the legiana bow (black diablos is harder than some of the elder dragons), 15% defense and paralysis coating for when the enemies become enraged. 

Those are the bows I used and are up to interpretation but those were my bread and butter.

Gearing up.

High rank is going to need a few stats and I’m going to list them the way I see them for a bow player.

  1. Constitution = 3 points helps so much in stamina depletion that this is a must.
  2. Weakness exploit = 3 points more DPS when hitting weak points.
  3. Attack power = More DPS.
  4. Stamina surge = as many points as you can to give stamina regen.
  5. Crit element = goes hand in hand with weakness exploit.
  6. Divine blessing = Great early HR falls off when constitution hits 3 points.

First arriving in high rank it’s a pretty good idea to go and farm HR bones (area 5 in wildspire wastes is good and gives boulder bones) to make the bone armour set, just a basic set to get you started, take a few hits, has decent stats and is probably better then what you have.

Farm HR Tobi Kadachi and HR Paulomu

  • Pants: lumo coil A = 2x divine blessing which is great for absorbing early game damage and is the best in slot until you can kill Nergigante and use his pants. 
  • Helm: Kadachi Helm = 2 constitution is a must have item in my opinion, the game gets way easier with this one item.

You need Tobi parts for the weapon so get good at killing him and take the weapon as far as you can. Your new bow should take down Rathalos pretty quickly.

Farm HR Rathalos, HR Odogaron and HR legiana

  • Chest: Rath mail B = 2x Weakness Exploit more dps monsters become easier. 
  • Pants: Rath Greaves A = 1x weakness Exploit which hits the WE cap of 3 points, 1x jump master don’t think it does anything for the build but I could be wrong. 

This set bonus gives Critical element which allows the element on your weapon to crit. pretty powerful.

  • Hands: Odogaron Vambraces A = Constitution 1 which helps again with stamina usage and crit eye which is 3% crit chance (Meh). 

Farm legiana until you the parts to push the bow as far as you can.

Farm HR Diablos

Diablos bow is well strong so you are going to need it at some point. I only got it up to HR diablos not black Diablos when finishing the game but if you can kill black diablos his bow is better.

  • Attack charm 3 for more dps but could be swapped out for a ice/thunder charm 

Nergigante Tips:

  • Get used to his attacks 
  • Shoot the white spikes 
  • Use Mega bombs to wake him up after this hammer him with paralysis coating 
  • Dash juice 
  • Armour skin 
  • Vitality mantle 

After killing Nerg a few times swap out Lumo pants from Nerg pants

  • Nergigante Coil A = 2x attack boost more dps and 1x Stamina surge to gain stamina faster. 

Set complete!

You should be able to cruise through the rest of the game.

My very average gameplay allowed me to:

  • Kill Nergigante on 2nd attempt 
  • Kill Daora 2nd attempt 
  • Kill Teostra 2nd attempt 
  • Kill Vaal 1st try 
  • Kill Xeno 1st try 
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