Steam – How to Get Free / Cheap Steam Games

Below you will see the many sites that offer Steam games at discounted prices or for free. I will list every site that I personally know of, there will be some people might not agree with. But in fairness, I will list them all to the best of my knowledge.

Humble Bundle

  • Tiered Bundles that support charity with each purchase.
  • Store with incredible discounts.
  • A free game in the store occasionally.
  • $12 Monthly Subscription that includes:
  • $100+ in games a month.
  • 10% off store(can be shared to a friend once a month).
  • $2 wallet credit for purchasing the 3rd tier of a bundle.
  • 60+ DRM free games to download and play(games do not link up with steam).
  • Early Unlock feature that lets you purchase the next months subscription early to play the games offered, other games unlock at the beginning of the month.


  • 24-hour sales on various games.
  • Daily Login once the game changes.
  • Points from each login that can be used in the onsite store.


  • Otakumaker has its own monthly bundle on its main site, but the main focus of this site is the 2 child sites shown under the Bundles/Deals tab on the site.
  • OtakuBundle has bundles that are a little more desirable at $1.49 each, I believe the bundles are a 9 games/DLC minimum.
  • GoGoBundle has bundles of up to 33 games, ranging from 99¢ – $1.49. These games are a little less desirable, but some of them usually have cards or achievements. You can buy these bundles infinitely is i’m not mistaken.


  • Fanatical use to be called BundleStars if you’re familiar with that name instead. 
  • They offer a store with good deals on more popular games. 
  • The bundles range from $1 to $50ish from indie games to AAA titles. 
  • They also have a Pre-order section that are at a discount. 


  • They offer bundles that sometimes include games, music, comics, books & more. 
  • Some of the money from each bundle goes to charity if i’m not mistaken. 

Sila Games

  • Has a decent store, along with a account leveling system that enables discounts and raffles entries based on account level and status. 


  • This site’s bundles are currently down due to some of the providers giving them unusable keys. 

Bunch of Keys

  • This site offers a single bundle with limited stock, they also have a giveaway page for a single game at a time. I’ve only ever seen it have a giveaway for a copy of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 


  • Onsite currency used for various things on the site. 
  • Store with discounted prices. 
  • Auction page with bidding options. 
  • Giveaway page. 
  • Trading page. 
  • This site has a thing called Happy Hour when buying bundles. I’ve never bought a bundle from this site, but I found a video that explains it and shows an alternative that I will personally be using from now on. 

Lazy Guys Bundle

  • Has a single bundle that has an option to buy 2 of them for ~5% off. 
  • Has a “top contributor” price from $5.99 – $99.99, this enables you to win either $30, $20 or $10 in steam games depending on your place in the top 3 respectively.

Green Man Gaming

  • Disclaimer – This site has a somewhat bad reputation on the reddit groups for steam games, but I cannot figure out why. I’ve personally never had an issue with any game I’ve bought with this site.
  • VIP section for registered users, doesn’t cost anything. Offers a few discount codes for select games.
  • Has games for PC, Playstation and VR.
  • A GMG giftcard section.
  • Currently has a $50 bundle that includes very good games for the price and is aimed toward charity.

Direct 2 Drive

  • Game Store with all kinds of genres at discounted prices.
  • Publisher Promo store with discounted prices.
  • D2D Rewards – 5 tiers that are acquired by purchasing games, highest tier is $59.99 and rewards you with a minimum 20% discount.
  • D2D Trade In – after buying a trade-able game on D2D, you can trade it off for a different one.
  • D2D CloudPlay – Game streaming incase your PC can’t handle some games.
  • They offer games on the Playstation network.

Gamers Gate

  • Has a store with decent discounts.
  • A $1 or less section. 

Grab The Games

  • Shows Deals on a lot of various websites.
  • Deal Tracker.
  • Giveaway Section.
  • Arcade Games.


  • Giveaways that can entered in using the points you get from being a member of the site.
  • You get a “Contributor Level” by starting and giving away games.
  • Some giveaways have a higher level to enter.

Fantasy Gaming

  • Offer wall for points on-site.
  • Various Giveaway Pages.

Orly Gift

  • Shop with decent deals.
  • 24-hour long giveaway with an amount of keys per hour.
  • $3.99 per 30 days membership that includes:
  • Disable all advertisement on orlygift.
  • No CAPTCHA check before entering a round.
  • V.I.P. Badge on your orlygift profile.
  • Automatically enter each round on orlygift. 
  • Very high chance to win!
  • Save your money and time and get awesome games. 

Opium Pulses

  • Standard store with decent discounts.
  • Quests page that is an offer wall for on-site points.
  • A “Trove” that you can spend the on-site points in.
  • Giveaway Page.
  • Arcade Games.


  • Play games that the site is partnered with and submit screenshots for point on-site.
  • Offer wall for points.
  • Point Store that includes items for various games, gift cards, steam wallet codes.
  • The Key for this site is patience, anything steam related takes awhile to come through on the point store as their providers take forever to get back to them.


  • Complete Offers/Tasks for on-site points.
  • Giveaways for on-site points.
  • Referral Section.
  • Shop that has Steam games, gift cards, various skins on various games.


  • Offer wall for on-site points.
  • Store for on-site points.

Daily Indie Game

  • Regular Store with severly Discounted games.
  • On-site point store from buying on-site points or selling your own keys on-site.

Oy Vey Keys

  • Purchase games with on-site points earned from trading in CSGO, TF2 keys or trading cards/sacks of gems. An offer wall is also available for earning points. 
  • Site seems shady as it is very bland and basic but I’ve not had any issues with it yet. 


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