The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – How to Fix Civil War Reporting In For Duty Not Appearing

This guide shows you how to fix the very common civil war glitch, where reporting in to either Galmar or Rikke does not show you the “reporting in for duty” text option.

What to Do

So, if you are doing the Skyrim civil war quest, for either side and you report in for duty to either Galmar, or Rikke and you are not getting the option to advance the quest line, the “reporting in for duty” text option. do this.

It is quite simple really.

If you are not getting it. leave the camp, go to either Windhelm, or Solitude and speak to General Tullius, or Ulfric (depending on which side you are on in the civil war), and speak to them, ask them “how goes the war?” and keep asking them until the text option appears grey, it takes usually three times. Go back to the camp, and you should have to option to report in for duty.

Pretty simple, but here is still an example:

  • Is playing for Imperials in Civil War.
  • Has to report in to Legate Rikke for order.
  • Goes to camp, no text option to recieve orders.
  • Fast travels to solitude and goes to general tullius.
  • Asks general tullius “how goes the war” until the text option is grey.
  • Goes back to camp where Legate Rikke is.
  • Can now get orders.
Written by Fazazer


  1. Make sure you talk with General Tullius until his dialogue box turns grey, you may need to do it multiple times.

  2. Idk if works for pc but for Xbox one you talk to whoever you chose for the side of the war talk wait 24h at the camp fast travel somewhere far come back and then it appears

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