Strange Brigade – Guide to Starter Weapons

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A guide to the first weapons you will be getting your hands on in Strange Brigade.

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Before you set out on your adventure, it’s imperative that you pack the right equipment; if you’re going to be cutting swathes through the undead horde, you’ll want to know your Laine from your Leamington. There’s something to meet every requirement.

Tip: Try to pair weapons wisely – if you have a slow primary choose a fast sidearm like the machine-pistol, but if you have a rapid-fire primary that’s a little more haphazard then choose an accurate long-range sidearm like the revolver.

You will occasionally find gems with which to upgrade your weapons. Select a weapon and go to ‘Upgrade’. Choose a gem and select ‘Equip’, then click on a space on the weapon to fit the gem. Gems can be replaced with others, but this will destroy the gem being removed. Unused gems can be sold for a small amount of gold. See the Gems section of this guide for a rundown of their properties.


Westminster 1895

Strange Brigade - Guide to Starter Weapons

  • Gems: 1
  • Ammo: 1/54
  • Reload: 0.7 secs

The Westminster is a classic no-nonsense repeating rifle, the type you might see hanging over the back of the bar at your local drinking establishment. It’s good for steady medium- to long-range shooting, and comes with a space for a single upgrade.

Leamington Model 14

Strange Brigade - Guide to Starter Weapons

  • Gems: 1
  • Ammo: 2/40
  • Reload: 2.0 secs

A bit of a beast, this. Not to be underestimated in the hands of a competent user, the Leamington side-by-side is great for short-range clearance – but time those reloads well! Comes with a single space for an upgrade.

Chamberlain Automatic Rifle

Strange Brigade - Guide to Starter Weapons

  • Gems: 1
  • Ammo: 35/245
  • Reload: 1.7 secs

This used to be mounted on biplanes, and by jove it shows. Powerful and accurate, when someone’s invited too many mummies to the party, you could do a lot worse than the Chamberlain.

Kingsley Special Repeater

Strange Brigade - Guide to Starter Weapons

  • Gems: 1
  • Ammo: 28/196
  • Reload: 1.5 secs

Manufactured by Britain’s leading independent firearms and ordnance developer, this trusty little chatterbox should be just the ticket when you’re in a fix, even if you’re the sort to spray and pray.


Marley .45 Automatic

Strange Brigade - Guide to Starter Weapons

  • Gems: 0
  • Ammo: 7/28
  • Reload: 1.3 secs

Surely no decent adventurer worth their salt is ever without their roscoe? America’s standard-issue service pistol for many years now, it provides a good quick-fire backup option.

Laine P12

Strange Brigade - Guide to Starter Weapons

  • Gems: 0
  • Ammo: 8/32
  • Reload: 1.3 secs

A natural pointer, manufactured to the exacting standards you would expect from Laine. Perfect if you take style as seriously as you do accuracy.



Strange Brigade - Guide to Starter Weapons

  • Recharge time: 30 secs

Standard grenade, always fairly useful.


Strange Brigade - Guide to Starter Weapons

  • Recharge time: 30 secs

Good for setting groups of enemies on fire, especially those with shields or armour. Very good against scarab swarms. Note: fire won’t spread to skeletons.

Sticky Grenade

Strange Brigade - Guide to Starter Weapons

  • Recharge time: 35 secs

Sticks to enemies. This is especially useful for taking out enemies on ledges without your grenade bouncing off them.


Strange Brigade - Guide to Starter Weapons

  • Recharge time: 45 secs

Dynamite has the biggest blast radius, and can be shot to set it off early. Takes a slightly longer time to recharge than other items.


Strange Brigade - Guide to Starter Weapons

Red – Weapon Performance

  • Montu’s Brutal Gem – Deal increased damage with every shot.
  • Neith’s Stabilising Gem – Your weapon’s recoil is reduced. Especially useful for SMGs.
  • Quickfire Gem – Increases your rate of fire and speed of reload. Great for weapons with a small ammo capacity. 

Yellow – Bullet Boosts

  • Skull Breaker Gem – Headshots are more damaging.
  • Anubis’s Gem of Armourbane – Your shots pierce through armour.
  • Bast’s Rebound Gem – Causes your shots to ricochet. Can be very useful against a crowd, especially one using armour and shields. 

Blue – Mystical Enhancements

  • Sekhmet’s Healing Gem – Every kill heals you slightly.
  • Quibei’s Ice Gale Gem – Each shot has a chance to freeze an enemy. Recommended for fast targets, and for when you need to get behind someone…
  • Bennu’s Sun Fire Gem – Your shots have a small chance of setting fire to an enemy. An excellent choice for a shotgun. Remember, though, that skeletons are non-flammable!
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