Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Puzzle Solutions

All Story Puzzles Solutions Walkthrough

Shadow of the Tomb Raider All Story Puzzles Solutions Walkthrough: This guide shows every puzzle in the main story of SOTTR.

  • Mission: Hunters Moon (Cart & Bell Puzzle) – 0:05
  • Mission: Rough Landing (Bridge Puzzle) – 1:22
  • Mission: Brave Adventurer (Young Lara in Croft Manor) – 3:13
  • Mission: Path of the Living (Lava Room with Spinning Dots Puzzle) – 6:17
  • Mission: Path to the Hidden City (Spider Trial & Eagle Trial) – 9:31
  • Mission: The Hidden City (Trial of the Serpent) – 17:02
  • Mission: Eye of the Serpent (Water Spigots Puzzle Part 1) – 20:27
  • Mission: Eye of the Serpent (Water Spigots Puzzle Part 2) – 22:27
  • Mission: Via Veritas (Finding the Secret Crypt Entrance in Church) – 24:15
  • Mission: Via Crucis (Holy Cross & Light Beam Puzzle in Secret Crypt) – 26:15

Find the Secret Crypt Puzzle

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough for Finding the Secret Crypt Entrance (Church) Puzzle.

  • Mission: Via Veritas
  • Objective: Find the Secret Crypt
  • Area: Mission of San Juan

This one requires you to find the secret crypt entrance inside the church of San Juan. There are 3 objects you must look at (crumbled wall on ground floor, crumbled wall on upper floor, yellow painting on ground floor). Then you can destroy the wall that has a crucifixion scene painted on it.

Trial of the Serpent Puzzle Walkthrough

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough for the Trial of the Serpent Puzzle.

  • Mission: The Hidden City
  • Objective: Complete the Trial of the Serpent
  • Area: Head of the Serpent

In the Serpent Trial you must pull levers to fill the floor with oil, then shoot it with fire arrows to burn away the blockades. The second room has two spinning discs which must be aligned for the oil to flow through them.

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