War of Rights – Finding the Right Unit

Finding the Unit

So, you just bought War of Rights, congratulations! Now you must go through one of the most pain staking parts of being a random in game, the recruitment. Finding a unit is easy, finding the right one is hard. Many people will approach you and say “Want to join my extremely active company! It has like 50 people!” And you thinking “Oh, that sounds like fun!” Will join not knowing that the number has drastically changed from 50 to 3. I have seen many people join units that either treat them like complete garbage, or units that have no disipline what-so-ever. To combat this, I will tell you a few tips on how to find the best unit that will suit you to your every liking!

Finding the Right Commander

A unit is only as good as its commanding officer. Have you ever talked to a commanding officer of an active regiment? Is he informative? Does he try to help you ever step of the way? These are only a few questions that you have to ask to be sure that you can get a CO that is down to earth and doesn’t treat you like cannonfodder.

The People That are in The Unit

Do you like the people in the unit that you joined? Do they treat you like you are less then what they are? If that is so, LEAVE them. If you join them you will have a very bad time trying to prove yourself every step of the way. The best thing to do is make it clear that you are to be treated fairly and if they can’t give you that, do yourself a favor and leave that unit.

You and Your Voice

Does your unit commander let you talk freely in trainings and events? Does making the tiniest bit of conversation make the officers angry? Unless you are screaming or being disruptive, there is no reason you should be silenced just because the people in charge need “More concentration” if they are not able to think in times of stress then they shouldn’t be leading a company/regiment. People need to speak and some people may have information that is needed to maintain survival in the field. You must build a relationship with these people, not treat them like you are less them because they have a higher rank then you in a video game.


The unit must be active. That’s it, because if a unit is not active there is no point in training or doing any line battles because nobody is online to help you or lead you. My suggestion is to look around, see how many people there are in each unit and how active they are. Don’t be afraid to jump from discord to discord to see who is the best unit when it comes to activity.

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