Dying Light: Bad Blood – Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Absolute Basics – First Hive

Understand that everything i advise in this particular section is my opinion on the best way for beginners to get the basics of the game down to ensure that you have a fighting chance.

After loading into a full lobby as soon as you drop in you need to look for buildings with open or boarded doorways and windows (there are no openable doors).

[Destructible door and window barricades have gaps in them so try not to confuse them with indestructible ones that look similar but have no gaps.]

Upon finding an enterable building you should search on top of low objects and the floor, in buildings you can find weapons, medical supplies and other gear.

[To improve your chances of spotting items you can enable your flashlight with the “T” key. ]

Once you have gotten at least one weapon you should run to the closest small hive(Hives are signified on the map by a hexagon with a white DNA symbol.

[At this point, if you come across any hives that have large zombies(goon or berserker) run away and go to the next closest hive until you reach one with no large zombies.]

So, you found a small hive, now all you have to do is kill all of the regular zombies and harvest the hive. When killing the zombies at your first hive you do not need to worry too much about taking damage as you will reach level 2 and therefore your health will be replenished.

[Once the zombies are dead take 1 quick look around to make sure that there are no players hiding on buildings or in alleys.]

[If there are no players around you can hold the “F” key on the hive to extract its blood samples.]

If you prefer to see what to do right from the start of the game in a video:

Aiming for Victory – Decision Making

Congratulations on beating your first hive! Now you must learn how to make the most optimal decision for progressing.

Decision making is a vital skill needed for triumphing in Bad Blood, but don’t worry, I will tell you what you can do in different situations and how those choices are most likely to affect you.

First of all, I recommend looking for another hive immediately after extracting the blood samples from the first. The typical choices you can make are:

  • Search for a small hive.
  • Search for a medium hive.
  • Search for a large hive.
  • Search for other players.

So, let’s go through the most likely outcomes based on the decision you make.

  • Small hives are easy to capture and therefore this is a very safe option, assuming that there are no players at the hive.

[The absolutely fastest way to clear a small hive is with a grenade or molotov, throw it in the middle of the zombies and then take out the toad spitter.]

  • Medium hives require some practice to be able to capture as the goon needs to be kited to reduce the chances of you taking damage and to speed up the process of killing it.

Holding and releasing the attack button will perform a heavy attack, this combined with the ice upgrade can freeze the goon:

  • Large hives can be extremely difficult if you mess up and get hit multiple times. I find the best tactic to be throwing your weapons at the demolisher’s head and also throwing explosive canisters and grenades, once his armor his off and his health is low you can finish him with your weapon.

[Try to keep one weapon and throw all of the others when dealing with the large hive to prevent getting into a fight with your hands.]

You have three options when it comes to medium hives:

  • Clear all of the threats and proceed to extract the blood samples.

[Hitting the goon with a heavy attack will cancel his attack making it easy to kill him, especially if you have the ice upgrade]

  • Kill all regular zombies and toad spitters, lure the goon as far away from the hive as possible and then extract the blood samples whilst he is trying to get to you.

  • Watch the hive from a distance waiting for a player to kill the zombies and then striking when he is vulnerable.

Advanced Tricks and Strategies

So you think you’re ready for the advanced stuff huh? Okay, here we go.


Airdrops are hotzones, with a guaranteed gun, it’s no surprise. For this reason, you need to get in, grab the gun and get out ASAP.

Throwing a grenade at the NPC’s next to the aidrop will give you enough time to open the crate and take the gun before they can get to you.

This trick can be useful as it allows you to get in and out as fast as possible.


Hitting the demolisher with a 2 handed jump attack and using dodge to avoid his hits is very effective when done correctly.

Stay just out of his arm reach so he doesnt ram or throw a rock and just keeps hitting the air because of how limited his attacks are.

End Game

End game fights can be difficult and stressful. A very good tactic for the end game is by preparing during the match, try to keep one handed blunt weapons so at the end you can throw them.

One handed blunt weapons when thrown can stun the opposition and therefore they are unable to block, use this as your chance to attack.

Gear and Misc

If you’re new to the game you’re probably wondering what certain gear and other things can be used for and also how effective they are. I don’t blame you, there are lots of things that you have to get familiarized with but don’t worry i’ll tell you what I know.

  • Molotov – This throwable gear is especially effective at taking out large amounts of enemies as it deals massive amounts of damage over time. 
  • Shield – The shield is the ultimate protection in regards to danger from your front. The shields does not Protect your back and therefore should be used wisely, be aware that you can still get damaged by explosives in front of you. 
  • Land Mine – The land mine is a pretty good tool to use when running away from an enemy or protecting a specific area it deals mediocre damage but when stacked can be brutal. 
  • Grenade – This item is useful for multiple purposes but i feel that it lacks a large enough explosive radius. The grenade does not stick to surfaces and explodes after a few seconds. 
  • Medic Kit – The medic kit is the main healing tool as it is able to heal you from low hp to maximum. Using the medic kit requires you to be stationary and will automatically be consumed if you cancel it or heal to max. It will also be consumed if you are damaged whilst using it. 
  • Pain Killer – The pain killer is a very useful healing tool as you can use it whilst running. This means that you can back up from a fight to quickly recover some of your health and then you can go back in.
  • Throwing Axe – Deals low damage and applies one stack of bleed effect.


As of writing this guide, there are currently 3 upgrades in the game:

  • Ice – Slows enemies down.
  • Bleed – Applies one bleed effect stack.
  • Electric – Stuns the enemy. 
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