Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Archivist of Kazuwari

Simple guide to help to collect all of the artifacts of the Crucible.


Predictor’s Ear
Location: Neketaka -> Periki’s Overlook -> The Dark Cupboard.
Where: When you enter location, go up and right, in the corner you’ll find a predictor/fortune-teller.

Adra Pearl
Location: Neketaka -> The Gullet -> Old City (second level -> you must enter this where skuldrak’s nest is).
Where: Look in the center of the map (Sunken city) in the water.

Stolen Tapestry
Location: Dunnage -> Radiant Court -> The Treasure Trove.
Where: Enter and look behind the merchant.


Unlucky Coin
Location: Port-Maje -> The Kraken’s Eye tavern.
Where: When you enter, go up (not the second floor) and left, you will see a man in a corner.

Titan’s Heart
Location: Neketaka -> Brass Citadel -> Fleet Master’s office.
Where: When you enter, look to the right, there will be a chest with Heart inside.

Hunter’s head
Location: Motare-O-Kozi.
Where: When you arrive, turn left and up, you’ll find a stelgaer’s (I suppose it’s stelgaer) statue without head. You can find head near statue, look to your right in water.


Uncut Gem
Location: Poko Kohara ruins.
Where: When you arrive, go to the right (better hold Shift not to miss anything) and you can find it under palm.

Matron’s Skull
Location: Neketaka -> Sacred Stair -> Temple of Berath.
Where: When you enter temple, go right and up and you won’t miss it.

Woedica’s Finger
Location: Oathbinder’s Sanctum (down and left from Neketaka).
Where: When you enter temple, look at left hand of Woedica’s statue.

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