Tower Unite – The Treasure Hunt Event

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What is this Event?

All credit goes to Max!

As the name suggests, it’s a treasure hunting minigame that allows you to find treasure at the beaches which you can see as big shadowed chests in the ground. You can only see the chest once you’re within a very close range, but you can interact with it regardless of if you can see the chest or not.

You’d have to basically stand right on top of it with the Metal Detector out to see where it is.

Funnily enough, you don’t necessarily need a Metal Detector to participate in the event, but you’re going to have a much harder time finding the chests.

Tower Unite - The Treasure Hunt Event

Where Do I Get This Metal Detector You Speak Of, and How Do I Use It?

Only at the Stray for 5,000 Units. She can be found behind the Bowling Alley at the Boardwalk & Beach area against the big rock mounds in the shadows. To use the Metal Detector, you must buy and equip it in your hotbar by holding Q, drag your mouse up to the hotbar, then drag it into any slot and press the number of the slot you put it into. Blammo, now you have a hand-held metal sniffin machine.

Tower Unite - The Treasure Hunt Event
Tower Unite - The Treasure Hunt Event
Tower Unite - The Treasure Hunt Event

Ok, I Have It Equipped, Now What Do I Do?

Now here’s the “fun” part. You must wait for the event to be active to find treasure. The metal detector doesn’t work outside of the event. Once you do use it when the event is active and you’re near a treasure, you see that your Metal Detector is now beeping and flashing red periodically. The beeping begins at 1,000 cm away from the nearest treasure and beeps the slowest. As you get nearer, it beeps and flashes faster. The lowest number you’ll get is around 40cm away, but 100-120 cm is far enough to still find and grab the chest.

You should also be wary of other people during this minigame because they can “steal” any treasure you can find, and there’s a 10 second cooldown between each time you can get a treasure.

As a side note for backers with the Speed Shoes, you might want to unequip them because you’ll be flying past a few chests and not have the slightest clue where they are. Take it slow, there’s enough for everyone

What Items Do I Get Out of This Event?

  • Quarters (25 Units)
  • Pile of Units (50 Units)
  • Bag of Units (1,000 Units)
  • Eternally Burning Crab (1,500 Units)
  • Eternally Frozen Crab (1,500 Units)
  • Chest of Units (5,000 Units)
  • Laser Pointer (Equippable) (5,000 Units)
  • Gem (10,000 Units)
  • Always Lucky Slot Machine (10,000 Units)
  • Golden Catsack (20,000 Units) *

* I strongly advise against selling these. Either keep them or open them in your condo. These are a rare drop from silver catsacks bought at 10,000 each. And have a chance to get a Cosmic Catsack or a rare pet/equippable!

Tower Unite - The Treasure Hunt Event

What Spots on the Beach Can I Find Treasure?

The following screenshots show the only areas I’ve ever seen treasures spawn.

Boardwalk & Beach Main Area

Tower Unite - The Treasure Hunt Event

Beach behind the Bowling Alley to the left of the wooden walkways.

Tower Unite - The Treasure Hunt Event

Beach behind the Bowling Alley with the dance floors and mini shop.

Tower Unite - The Treasure Hunt Event

The stretch of Beach between two large rock mounds past the previous area and next to the Monorail.

Tower Unite - The Treasure Hunt Event

The stretch of beach with a small fishing pier and lights (Treasures do not spawn past the curve).

Tower Unite - The Treasure Hunt Event

Behind the Tower (For this area it’s quite hard to tell where it starts and ends, although a current bug let’s you see the general area of where they are by looking at the big shadowed lines on the ground, but does not go past the large rock mound to behind the Gameworld Ports).

Tower Unite - The Treasure Hunt Event

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