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House Party - How to Get the Ice Bath Achievement

Written by kingston1228   /   Oct 4, 2018    
House Party - How to Get the Ice Bath Achievement

Learn how to get on every girls S-List and acquire the Ice Bath Achievement in the House Party game.

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Ice Bath Achievement Guide

Most of the girls have an easy way to get to their S-List however Stephanie and Madison take just a slight amount of work to get which is why I made this guide.


  • Damn! I Wish that I was cross-eyed so I could see you Twice.


  • I Lost my phone number. Can I have yours?


  • I like your glasses. They make you look smart!


  • So...What's your sign?


  • I don't have a library card, but can I check you out anyway?


  • What do you do for work, Steph? 
  • Yeah...That place is great! 
  • You look like you're having fun. 
  • Whip-its? Are you in 3rd grade? 
  • Talk to Stephanie again 
  • What the F is a "Whip-it"? 
  • Be honest, you just Peter North'd your intellectual load for the night, didn't you? 


  • Thanks for letting me come! 
  • Ah. So I'm a total afterthought? 
  • You're doing fine! 
  • It's how bakers keep score! 
  • Yeah, get to know each other's genitals better, you mean. 
  • Talk to the rest of the guests then wait for Madison to approach you 
  • Sky Animal? What's that? 
  • I have so so so many questions. 
  • Do you actually believe this nonsense? 
  • I think I hear Derek calling me. Talk to you later, Madison. 
  • Talk to Madison again 
  • So do you wanna love me? Or Raymond, like everybody else?

Written by kingston1228.

Game:   House Party