House Party – New Cutscene Command Guide

In this guide i hope to show you how you can use the CutScene command to experience the new intimacy POV cutscenes.

How to Use New Cutscene Command


Available cutscene modes (appear in the help)

  • 0 = PlayScene
  • 1 = PlayRandomSceneFromLocation

Actual syntax

For a random cutscene at the location:

cutscene 1 *Location* *Character*

For a specific cutscene:

cutscene 0 *Scene* *Character*


These are all the available cutscene names, which can be obtained by typing list cutscene.

The list

  • FrankFinale
  • FrankFinale_c
  • KatherineFinale
  • KatherineFinale_c
  • PlayerMasterBedroomSex1
  • PlayerMasterBedroomSex1_c
  • VickieFinale


This is a list of all locations I discovered so far. There is no easy way of obtaining them, you have to cycle through them all.

You can either type in the corresponding number, or type the whole name, I don’t know why you would do this though…

Example, this plays a random cutscene from the MasterBedroom with Ashley:

cutscene 1 12 ashley

The spicy list

  • ArtRoomZone
  • BalloonZone
  • CompubrahZone
  • DiningRoomZone
  • DownStairsHallZone
  • FrontEntryWayZone
  • FrontSidewalkZone
  • GarageZone
  • KitchenZone
  • LaundryRoomZone
  • LivingRoomZone
  • LoadingDockZone
  • MasterBedroomZone
  • OutsideRoofZone
  • SpareRoomZone
  • StairwayZone
  • StudyZone
  • YardGazeboZone
  • YardHotTubZone
  • YardleftCornerZone
  • YardNearFirePitZone
  • YardPathGardenZone
  • YardRearLeftCornerZone
  • YardRightCornerZone
  • UpstairsBathroomZone
  • UpstairsHallZone


This is a list of all the characters you can use in the cutscenes. Everyone should work with every cutscene, but I did not test all combinations, obviously.

  • Amy
  • Arin
  • Ashley
  • Brittney
  • Dan
  • Derek
  • Frank
  • Katherine
  • Leah
  • Lety
  • Madison
  • Patrick
  • Rachael
  • Stephanie
  • Vickie
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