Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Removing Fatigue

This is for you if you really don’t mind cheating and really hate the travel fatigue every few seconds.

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There are already several guides to editing save files. This is just a very specific guide to edit in an item that makes your characters immune to fatigue and exhaustion.

There are several ways to do this. I’m going to just outline the simplest way I have found.

  • Get to your shared stash in game. 
  • Have a neckslot item in your inventory you don’t really care about. 
  • Have 7zip or an alternative installed. 


  • Put an unimportant necklace in your shared stash all by itself in the first slot. I used a silver medallion. 
  • Save your game. 
  • Navigate to your save game folder. Mine is C:Users%username%AppDataLocalLowOwlcat GamesPathfinder KingmakerSaved Games 
  • Open the latest save. Mine is Quick#.zks. 
  • Edit player.json. In 7zip I can right click and choose edit to not have to unzip/repackage. It should open in a word processor. My default is notepad. 
  • Search for “inventorySlotIndex” and make sure the value is 0. This object is your necklace you don’t care about. Just before the inventoryslotindex key and value is a blueprint and value. It looks something like “06846b7beaca5444d8eebfebc320adca” which is the value for a silver medallion. Replace that value with “c17f627fedd420d4aa871f23d0995fcf” and also up the m_count from 1 to how many of these you need plus 1. 
  • Close the file and update it in the zip. 
  • Close the zip and reload your now edited save. 
  • Equip your new necklaces to everyone you don’t want getting tired.


Q. Why use the shared stash?

A. It is easier to find the item you are attempting to morph into a Heart of Ira. There should only be one item in inventorySlotIndex:0 as opposed to 1 for every character in party.json.

Q. Why use a silver medallion?

A. Other guides have mentioned that if you are going to edit items, make sure you use something closest to the target item you want. I have not tested if this works with a rock or a suit of armor. The second part is if you use an existing item, you don’t have to mess with the $id attributes at all like you would if you were just trying to add to the item list to create the item out of nothing.

Q. Why up the count one more than needed?

A. The silver medallion item becomes a stack of 1 silver medallion that looks like a heart of Ira and (n – 1) other true hearts of ira that spawn after you collect them from the stash. You’ll have to trial and error to find which one is broken and throw it away once that character gets fatigued.

Q. Why do this?

A. Sleeping every few nodes on the map is annoying. Yes this makes the game easier and obviously breaks some of the developer intent. I don’t feel too bad about it though since the game is still missing teleportation at levels 9+.

Q. What if I already have a Heart of Ira?

A. If you just want to dupe it for your other characters, put it in your inventory and search party.json for the “c17f627fedd420d4aa871f23d0995fcf” and increase its count from 1 to X. Moving it to another container should separate them. I would still recommend going through the steps though and avoid messing with party.json inventory.

Q. Will this break my game?

A. I don’t think so but I did turn off saved game sharing to the developers since I don’t want my edited save files potentially polluting the debugging effort for other issues. Always make a backup and restore if there are any issues.

Q. This broke my game, what do I do?

A. Make sure you closed whatever you were using to open the archive. Kingmaker will complain if the archive is open at loading time. Make sure you do still have quotes around the blueprint value and do not have quotes around the count value. If all this fails, restore your backup and start over.

Written by ByteBiter

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