Farm Together – Lazy Farming

I was asked to share my Farm, hopefully it helps someone be as lazy as me. 😀
This is more of a proof of concept than anything else, it can be scaled to fit whatever requirements people have.
I really don’t like the unmovable obstacles on the map, I wanted to make a farm that could generate me the 4 main resources with as little work as possible without me having to deal with them.

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This farm ‘requires’ 1-2 minutes of effort per hour, you can afk the rest of the time or work on something else. Every hour it profits:

  • $10,500,000
  • 6,876 Gems
  • 10+ Medals
  • 22+ Tickets

You can also optionally convert the 10.5m into 42 additional Medals with the Gift Shop.

The farm also produces over 13,060 Fish resource per hour, which can be converted into an additional 5,200 Gems per hour when using the Fish Market, though personally I don’t think it’s worth the time spent doing it very often.

Helper’s only farm within their 13×13 box, but any any Fishing locations inside their region will still connect to the Fish outside of their region, letting you use Helpers to farm in a much larger area.

Farm Together - Lazy Farming

I converted a significant amount of my farm to Fish, leaving only 20% of it free to do whatever else I want to do. I connected nine satellite Helper’s to the large pond, filling the rest of their area with Money Trees, 12-13 Rice and a Point of Interest. One of the Helper’s has Tamarind Trees instead of Money Trees, for the Fruit production.

Farm Together - Lazy Farming

In total, the nine Helper’s generate 228 Grain (from the Rice), 6,876 Gems (from the Money Trees), 608 Fruit (from the Tamarind Trees), $10.6m (from the Fish) and 13,147.2 Fish resource (.. also from the Fish, lol).

Clownfish are the most efficient to use I believe, each square can be harvested (almost) twice per hour with a 80% Big Catch rate. As a result, each Clownfish tile produces 1.6 Fish resource and up to $1,312 per hour. It’s worth noting that this farm will get Clownfish to 200 in like a day, so it’s safe to assume the full $1,312 profit per tile per hour.

Farm Together - Lazy Farming

Helper’s consume 2 Tickets each per hour, 18 total for this farm.

The Sushi Task is a 3 step recipe, with each step taking 1 hour. The base reward from it is 20 Tickets. Each house can have 2 stoves each and you can have 4 houses, letting you produce 8 Sushi at once. While the complete recipe takes 3 hours on paper, it’s unrealistic to expect that you’ll be there right as a stage completes consistently, so Instead I opted to calculate it at 4 hours total.

Each sushi takes 60 Fish and Grain total to produce over a 4 hour period, which equates to 5 Tickets per hour. All 8 Sushi give you 40 Tickets per hour at a cost of 120 Fish/Grain (Helper’s produce a lot more than this).

As a result, I generate far more Tickets than is needed to keep the farm operational.

Written by Daxidol

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