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American Truck Simulator - Achievement Guide (Special Transport DLC)

Written by Xeeran   /   Nov 8, 2018    

This guide will list you the 7 achievements of the DLC for American Truck Simulator.

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There are only 2 of the 7 achievements which needs to be explained: "Big in America!" and "Go Big or Go Home". The other five achievement will unlock if you do "Big in America!" and deliver the cargoes without damage.

Tip in advance: Go and copy the following lists into a document and after every successful ride delete the cargo or route you've driven or mark it with another color. So you dont have to do the same cargo/route twice.

Big in America!

Big in America!
Deliver all Special Transport DLC cargoes

There are 11 Special Transport cargoes you have to deliver. These are:

  • Turnkey House
  • Large Reservoir Tank
  • Giant Silo
  • Huge Tyres
  • Air Conditioner
  • Service Boat
  • Haul Truck Chassis
  • Haul Truck Haul
  • Huge Construction
  • Massive Tech Part
  • Helicoptor

If you dont find a mission for any of these cargoes, fast travel between your garages and look again!

If you deliver all these types of cargo without any damage, you'll automatically unlock the five following achievements.

Size Matters
Successfully deliver a Special Transport DLC mission with no damage and on time

Home Sweet Home
Successfully deliver a Turnkey House Special Transport DLC mission with no damage and on time

Get (to) the Chopper
Successfully deliver a Helicoptor Special Transport DLC mission with no damage and on time

One, Two, Three - Breathe!
Successfully deliver a Air Conditioner Special Transport DLC mission with no damage and on time

Your Dumper Has Arrived!
Deliver all three parts of a disassembled dumper. Haul Truck Hull, Huge Tyres, Haul Truck Chassis

Go Big or Go Home

How many of the 17 routes you need to do, depends on the DLC's you have. At Euro Truck Simulator 2 its possible to get this achievement if you do the routes from the DLC's you have. Thats the reason why I go and list the routes with the associated DLC.

Go Big or Go Home
Complete deliveries on all oversitze routes in current map

Here's the following list:


  • San Francisco - Fresno
  • San Rafael - Eureka
  • Santa Cruz - Santa Maria
  • Oxnard - Barstow
  • Oakland - Huron
  • Truckee - Carson City (NV)
  • Eureka - Redding
  • Fresno - Bakersfield


  • Primm - Ely


  • Yuma- Tucson 
  • Phoenix- Sierra Vista 
  • Kingman- Flagstaff

New Mexico

  • Socorro- Tucson (AZ)
  • Gallup- Raton 
  • Farmington- Raton 
  • Clovis- Hobbs 
  • Artesia- Las Cruces


  • Pendleton - Burns
  • Portland - Newport


  • Seattle - Everett
  • Spokane - Grand Coulee
  • Port Angeles - Aberdeen


  • Provo - Price
  • Vernal - Salt Lake City


  • Boise - Grangeville
  • Idaho Falls - Salmon
  • Twin Falls - Nampa

Written by Xeeran.