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Big Items

With big item’s you want to have your car as close as possible to the house without it being in the middle of the road so people don’t call the cops for it being in a weird place. Usually as long as the car isn’t on the road but is on grass it is a good place to keep it.

Backing up the car and leaving the back open so you can just run through and place the big item in also helps.

Agility Level 1

‘Throw Bricks’. To be able to find and throw these bricks. The bricks are usually just left on/near the roads and the houses. To then throw the brick press E there is no drop key so press E near the ground if you don’t want to chuck it at a house or wherever you’re aiming.

Buying Hints

Buying hints from StealYourForums. This is very helpful especially if for if you’re doing things for Rent-A-Thug. They can help you find out what their sercurity is like and when the people are out or in the house.

Sidenote: You can take the time and analyse the people and their sercurity if you would like to save your money, but I think its worth it just to buy the hints.


Sleeping in game. To sleep in the game you can either go back to home go up the stairs and sleep on the couch. Or you can park your car in the parking areas they’re located on the map as the giant P’s.

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