Thief Simulator – Beginner’s Guide

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So You Want to Be a Thief…

Its going to take more than just wanting to be a good one. Follow some of my simple tips and you can be the next gray fox.

Step 1: The Two P’s

Planning and Patience, with these two simple virtues anyone can become a good theif. Planning a heist can be simple, the first thing to do is find out when the inhabitants are not home. This will be the house we will rob for these examples.

Thief Simulator - Beginner's Guide

The marking mechanic is one of your most valuable tools as a thief. By pressing middle mouse button on a person in a home they will be marked and can be seen through walls but most importantly you will know when they leave the house for the day or where they will be during the day.

Here you can see in the top left of your screen is two bars. there are two bars because there are two people in the house and the arrows pointing down is where they are in relation to time. the red is telling you they are home and blue is when they are out, warning not all houses have a time where all people are gone so you just have to learn what room they are in at that moment so you can not be seen. Any grey you see are routines you have not yet discovered so wait till the arrow is there and mark them to learn. now that we know when they will be gone lets look at any weakpoints in security.

Thief Simulator - Beginner's Guide

Well the main gate is unlocked no hastle, next check the front door.

Thief Simulator - Beginner's Guide

Here we can see the home has a locked front door so we will need to get one when we go home, why are we going home you ask? because your bed is one of the main tools in your arsenel.

Patience is extremely effective in use of a theif, patiently waiting for the next heist we got to sleep in our comfy bed back at our garage.

Thief Simulator - Beginner's Guide

We need to know what time to get up and get robbin so lets check our notes. pressing i and going to notes we can see that they are both out at 9 am so we will sleep till 8am and get up and wait for them to leave.

Thief Simulator - Beginner's Guide

On our way out we will grab a lockpick for that front door on tool4thiefs on our handy computer, here we can buy info, get jobs, sell loot and buy tools.

Thief Simulator - Beginner's Guide

With some nice sleep and new tools its time for our job, robbing houses.

Step 2: Heisting a Job

Now that we have a target and we have slept until every inhabitant is out of the home lets head there and lockpick the front door. Make sure to park nearby so if we loot any big items we can load them in the back, this is one reason we want no one there so we can carry big things without being seen.

Thief Simulator - Beginner's Guide

Waiting till 9am we can see the resident leaving the home so we can steal undisturbed.

Thief Simulator - Beginner's Guide

Lets use that lockpick we bought on the front door so we can get inside.

Thief Simulator - Beginner's Guide

If there are people home while your heisting make sure to hold e on containers so that they open slowly and dont make alot of noise. the main loot we see is a tv in the living room and its going to take some time to get it out while carrying it.

Thief Simulator - Beginner's Guide

Taking the tv to our car parked outside we can click to put the tv in the back and get in and leave the neighborhood!

Step 3: Profit

Driving outside the neighborhood and getting the fast travel menu we can choose pawn to sell our loot at.

Thief Simulator - Beginner's Guide

Here we can sell thing to the cashier directly or the counter next to him. carrying out the tv from outside in the car we can walk next to the counter to place it down now when we talk to the cashier we get the option to sell that big item.


You have completed your first heist and didnt get caught, follow those simple steps and you wont get caught next time.

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