GTA: San Andreas – Ammu-Nation Shooting Ranges

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Ammu-Nations with Shooting Ranges

  • Downtown Los Santos Los Santos.
  • Palomino Creek Red County.
  • Blueberry Red County.
  • Ocean Flats San Fierro.
  • El Quebrados Tierra Robada.
  • Come-A-Lot Las Venturas.
  • Old Venturas Strip Las Venturas.

Shootings Range Missions

Stage 1: Pistol Challenge

CJ has to shoot the targets, there are 3 rounds. Round 1 is with stationairy targets, Round 2 will have targets that are moving to CJ and round 3 will have a target that is moving.

Stage 2: SMG Challenge

The SMG Challenge is the same as the pistol challenge but well, it has SMGs instead of pistols…

Stage 3: Shotgun Challenge

Once again, this challenge is the same as the last two challenges but now you have a shotgun.

Stage 4: AK-47 Challenge

The final challenge in the Ammu-Nation. It has the same rules as all the other missions have. This challenge is a lot easier because of the AK-47s fire rate.


CJ will be awarded with $1,000 and CJ’s weapon stats will increase by 200.

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