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BMX Challenge

The BMX Challenge is located in the Glen Park (San Andreas) and to start this Challenge CJ has to get the BMX located in the park. CJ must have at least a cycling skill of 20% but it is advised to have a 100% cycling skill. CJ will be awarded with $1000.

NRG-500 Challenge

The NRG-500 Challenge is located at the dry dock in Easter Basin (San Fierro). There is no restriction but it will be a lot easier if you have maximum bike skill. CJ will be awarded with $1000.

The Chiliad Challenge

The Chiliad Challenge is a cycling race located at Mount Chiliad (Whetstone) you have to be on top of Chiliad between 7:00 and 18:00 and you need at least a 40% cycling skill. There are 3 races in this challenge. The first one will give you $500, the second race will give you $1,000 and the third an final will award CJ with $2,000 (A total of $3,500).

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