Warframe – How to Defeat the Profit-Taker Orb (Fortuna Part #2)

Some of the informations might not be true but those are my observations after 3 matches. Figured out the important mechanics and some tricks. Hope you find this useful!

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  • There are 3 phases in total. You have to deplete its shield with certain damage types in order to damage it. 
  • There is a damage type indicator on its head that shows which it is vulnerable to. It changes occasionally or when shield is damaged to a certain threshold. 
  • Similar to Jackal, you have to take down the limbs in order to damage its torso. Ending a phase once you damage it to a certain point. 
  • You can only use your Arch-Gun to damage its health. Ammo reserve is very limited so take aim. 
  • When you damage its torso, eventually it will release pylons to regenerate its shield. (Still not sure when it deploys but apparently when health is damaged to a certain threshold.) 
  • Last phase is timed when it starts. Failing to defeat the Orb Taker in the timeframe will result in failing the boss fight. 
  • When it dies, it will start its self-destruct sequence which is a wide area nuke that instantly kills you if in the vicinity.

Tips and Tricks

  • Shattering Impact can deplete its armor completely. 
  • The more damage types you have in the team, the more opportunities you have to damage its shield. 
  • Simply use Itzal archwing to quickly absorb all the loot under the orb taker, then hightail your way back to Fortuna. 
  • Damage types can be literally any physical/elemental damage type so taking weapons with physical properties might be an optimal choice.
  • You can manually switch the damage type by dealing void damage.
  • By picking up Arch-Gun ammo while it is on cooldown, you can reset the cooldown time to 0.

Additional Information

Here’s my approaches when I was fighting the boss.

I tried using Lanka and modding extreme damage for 1 damage type. Waiting for the boss to switch to the damage type didn’t work out too well for me.

I grabbed a friend of mine and tried to fit in as much damage types as we could. It worked but I constantly forgot which damage types I had within my weapons. That might be a problem if you are doing solo.

Warframe - How to Defeat the Profit-Taker Orb (Fortuna Part #2)

While I suggest not to care about its shield resistances and vulnerabilities, You might need it if you are going to solo and need whatever hits most.

Warframe - How to Defeat the Profit-Taker Orb (Fortuna Part #2)

For easier reading…

Basically, if you can strip its armor, take electricity on Arch-Gun for higher damage against its health. If you can’t, radiation might be your best option.

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