Bloons TD 6 – How to Beat #Ouch Chimps

How to beat the hardest challenge in the game, #ouch chimps!

Rounds 6 – 10

All credit goes to Corrupt_Angel!

First, you place a 2-0-5 commanche commander, and 3 0-0-0 dart monkeys. It will be difficult, and you will have to do a lot of micro to beat the red balloons. Round 7 will be easy, just get up a 5-2-0 boat and let it go, it will make short work of the green baloons.

Rounds 11 – 62

I would recommend getting a 2-5-0 village to deal with the camos on 27, then for 40, just rely on the commanche commander. Then for round 50-59, just use some 0-2-2 wizards to instakill all of the moabs that come in. For round 60, eat your monitor to make the screen go dark. When you turn the lights back on, the bfb will be gone. 61 and 62 are easy, just rub an orange on the bloons to kill them.

Round 63

This is the round that you will place Benjamin. For the ceramics, let them leak and tank the lives like a man. This is the easiest round in the game because 6 + 3 = 1 and round 1 is really easy.

Rounds 64 – 89

64 is the hardest round in this section because you cannot eat the monitor more than once, and we used it earlier. For this round, buy a 0-0-0 mortar and micro it to miss all of the bloons, so that they get scared and they give up. For the 80’s, just eat the ceramics yourself, its easy.

Rounds 90 – 99

These are very hard rounds on maps like logs easy mode, but for #ouch chimps, we can just use the cobras from btd battles to misdirect the ddts. Very easy. However, for round 98, we can just buy and resell the ground zero to instakill zomgs.

Round 100

Now it is time for the ultimate challenge. Round 100. The finale. The hardest round of all of the rounds. But, this is #ouch chimps, so we will simply use benjamins syphon funding to make the bad a simple zomg, then we just deal with it as we would do with any other zomg.

The End!

We did it! We beat #ouch on chimps! The hardest challenge has been complete! Enjoy the rewards of beating the challenge. Spoiler alert here, the rewards of beating #ouch chimps is a 5-2-0 super monkey and a 2-5-0 super monkey! These are admittedly bad towers, because a 0-0-0 dart monkey is so much better. But, its the thought that counts!

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