RimWorld – Ancient Danger Guide (Easy / Economical / Effective)

How much time have you spent trying to find a good way to take care of ancient dangers? I present to you a guide to take care of all of your ancient danger troubles once and for all. This guide is Simple, Very Very effective and fast!

I have split this guide into two stages and a prestage, The first stage for dealing with The level one threats and second for CryoPod threats.

Note Stage 2 doesnt always work fully so you can try to put more spike traps than just at interaction point inside along with having a sniper outside which seems to clean up any survivors nicely.

Pre Stage

You will need to have:

  • The location of the ancient danger.
  • A long ranged weapon.
  • Two or more colonists.
  • Materials (wood or steel).

Once you have aquired these we can continue into stage one.

Stage #1

  • Find a nice area where your sharpshootercan take shots inside the ancient danger but far away from it. 
  • Set up spikes stemming from where you will put the entrence and to the sides of the path leading up to your sharpshooter. 
  • Once your spikes and sharpshooter are in position have a colonist run up and deconstruct the wall you will use as the entry point, then have him run straight back to your sharpshooter. This will cause any chasing enemies to follow him. And if no one does then your sharpshooter can take shots inside to agro them. 
  • Finally they will be lead through spikes and sniper fire untill they all die hopefully not disturbing the pods.

You can see how I set the spikes up for the first stage in the top right corner.

Stage #2

The pods.
This is very very very easy.

  • Once you have gained entry and secured the area to the pods build spikes on the interaction spot of the cryo pods.
  • Finally have a colonist fire a round from a distance at the pods.

You can see The spikes in this picture.

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