Hunt: Showdown – Tips for the Bosses

Apparently there’s a large chunk of the community that doesn’t know the ideal strategies for beating the bosses, so here’s a guide!

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The Basics

So apparently a chunk of you guys don’t realize this but, RUN AWAY FROM THE BOSS. You can not melee 1v1 the butcher, you cannot kill the spider with a knife as it scutters on the walls. Please for the good of your hunters and your teammates, don’t be the guy that does this.

Now for more specific advice:

The Butcher

Run and gun this guy. You can reload while running so fire as much ammo as you can into him as he charges you and turn and run while reloading. This way you won’t get hit while doing this fight. Aim for his left shoulder for that sweet sweet damage bonus and reap the rewards.

The Spider

Just shoot her and stay out of the fart clouds. Don’t bother yeeting your lanterns at her she usually moves around too much for it to do anything and she rarely runs into pools of fire as she really only comes to the floor when she leaps at you. Speaking of which, if she does that, shoot her. Seriously it’s not a complicated idea. If your teammate gets pinned by her fill her with that sweet sweet lead you’re packing in your murder maker.

The Do’s and The Please Dear God Don’ts

Now, I’m going to put this in a nice back and forth list for all you good boys and girls who enjoy formatting. If you do something, great! Read on! If you DONT do something, make sure you aren’t doing the DONT. Okay? Okay, lets keep going.

  • DO – Keep your gun up unless running towards or away from the boss.
  • DONT – Run around with a consumable or a melee weapon whilst in the bossroom unless actively using it.
  • DO – Communicate with your teammate if they are fighting the boss with you.
  • DONT – Sit there quietly expecting your teammate to read your mind as you run out of the bossroom to kill a grunt.
  • DO – Keep an ear out for enemy players who might be setting up an ambush for you.
  • DONT – Take your headphones off or listen to music whilst fighting the boss, this is problematic, dont do it.
Written by Wheezy

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