Cultist Simulator – Guide to Apostle Victories

A reference guide to the items needed to win the Apostle victories.

Warning: Spoilers!


So, like a complete lunatic, I’ve played eighteen hours of CultSim in the ~40 hours, at time of writing, that the new content has been out. I’ve beaten all three Apostle legacies, and since our Mentors are incredibly cagey about what exactly they want you to do, I figured I’d make a reference guide for other people so they don’t have to beat their head against it. Each bulleted line will be a separate item; stuff not on a bulleted line is explanatory for what comes above. (Though for lore, I’m going to assume that if you’re doing Apostle, you know about combining/subverting/splitting lore and just list the actual books you can find specific pieces in.)

Common to All Apostles

  • You need the Rite Intercalate, as it is the only six-slot Rite in the game. 

The Rite Intercalate comes from three books: The Book of the Extinguished Heart, The Scar in the Sky, and The Time of Division, all from Evening Isles expeditions.

Forge / Apostle Aestuant

  • The engine’s heart: the Dawnbreaker Core 

The Shaper is pretty clear about this one: get a Carcass Spark and use it in a Rite with Shaper’s Guidance to get a Dormant Core, then awaken it with Mysteries of Making.

The Carcass Spark comes from Fort Geryk in the Evening Isles, and Mysteries of Making from The Manner in which the Alchemist was Spared, found in The Star-Shattered Fane, a Lone and Level Sands expedition.

  • The fiercest alchemy to fuel it: Blue Gold

The insight you need for this one is that the various Forge ingredients proceed from one another in an alchemical progression. Use each in a Rite with Shaper’s Guidance to get the next level up: Bitterblack Salts become Xanthotic Essence, Xanthotic Essence becomes Iotic Essence, and Iotic Essence becomes Blue Gold. You don’t need to do all three powerups; starting with Iotic Essence is fine.

Iotic Essence can be easily found in the Malleary, behind the Spider’s Door.

  • Find the flaw in the place at the land’s edge that has the same name in every History: Make a follower the Shaper’s Compass

First, and most straightforwardly: Use a follower in a Rite with Shaper’s Guidance to give them the aspect The Chosen Compass. We now need to take them on a specific expedition in order to find the flaw; as the aspect says, when they find it they will surrender their eyes and become useless for all other purposes. I picked Saliba, because he’s a jerk, but probably it’s better to use a Pawn or a cultist of a Principle with three named followers rather than two.

Figuring out where we need to take them is hard. I had to think like a game designer. I reasoned that it had to be a repeatable expedition, otherwise we could miss it, and then I went “which repeatable expedition is at the land’s edge?”

It’s Kerisham. Take the Chosen Compass to Kerisham and finish the expedition.

Kerisham can be had easily by talking to Sulochana about SH4 lore. This is a mechanic designed for Change-ascendants to easily go to the repeatables, but any legacy can make use of it.

  • The Biting Key: Mrs E.’s Assistance

Talk to Sulochana about Shaper’s Guidance to let her know you need help from the Ligeians. Her “sister” will come by, but wil want compensation for her efforts. Don’t give it to Mrs E. until you’re ready; as she says when you talk to her about it, she’s not patient (the price is high, and her assistance will decay in 600s.)

Mrs E. wants to eat an Exalted cultist. Give her one, or give her your cult card for St. Hydra to prove you can’t have one.

  • The season of the Forge’s greatest heat: An Incandescence

Incandescences can be found in the Malleary, behind the Spider’s Door.

  • The most potent Mysteries of Opening: Mysteries of Opening

See, the Shaper can be straightforward when they want to be. Mysteries of Opening can be learned from A Manual for Departure, from Raven Isle in the Evening Isles.

Grail / Apostle Obsonate

  • Purchase the secret savours and infuse them with the Hours’ gifts: The Seven Graces and the Three Savours

Take Delightful Blood to auction to buy the Seven Graces. This will require 6 Funds. Then Work the Seven Graces with each of Leathy, Amaranthine Nectar, and True Blood of St Januarius.

Leathy can be found in Orthos Wood on the Continent. Amaranthine Nectar can be found in the Red Church behind the Peacock Door. The Blood can be found on Fort Geryk in the Evening Isles.

  • Assemble the Host: Get the Host’s attention, and once you have a full party, get the Key-holder to join them

(This one is the biggest pain and requires a fair amount of plate-spinning. There are two things you need progressed, one of which decays and one of which does not.)

Talk about the Vitulation Recipe to start attracting guests, but make sure to keep their interest piqued to attract more and more. Once you’ve progressed the Host to the seventh stage, it will be ready for the Key-holder, but you should probably actually get her first because the Host decays, she doesn’t, and she needs to be fed seven times as well. She’s not very choosy, but it’s still time-consuming. Talk to Sulochana about the Vitulation Recipe to call her here, and then talk to her and give her what she wants until she’s sated.

The Host will need to be fed Mystique every 120s to progress to the next stage, or it will decay to the previous stage. Marinette needs to be fed either followers or hirelings, but thankfully does not decay. Feeding her hirelings will generate Notoriety, cultists will not. Once she’s been fed seven times and you have the Host, Assembled card, you can add Marinette to it and get the final card you need, which does not decay.

  • The most auspicious time: An Incarnadescence

Incarnadescences can be found in the Red Church behind the Peacock Door.

  • The resistless cry of the Unceasing Mysteries: Unceasing Mysteries

Again, very straightforward! Learn them from Commandments For the Preservation of All That Exists, found in St Tentreto of the Deep Door in the Evening Isles

  • The Chalice Murmurous: The Chalice Murmurous

Come on, Delight, why aren’t you always this straightforward? The Chalice Murmurous can be found on Raven Isle in the Evening Isles.

  • Savorous Blood

We’re the centerpiece of this feast, and we need to be the same blood as the Delight. Your Forlorn Blood will need to be Savorous through consumption of the Delight’s blood for it to work.

Lantern / Apostle Entheate

This one is tricky because the Mentor only tells you like half the things you need, and the thing you need to put into the rite to get the hints about the other stuff is time-consuming and difficult to get. Well, I guess Lantern isn’t allowed to be compassionate.

  • The Allure: The Allure

If you dream of the Way to the Peacock Door with the Dream of a Key, you learn a Way to the Lesser Crossroads. Here you can bring forth the Allure by combining a Dream of a Key with a Dream of Light, but be warned, the Allure decays every 180s unless refreshed with Fascination.

The Dream of Light is A Splendour, which can be found behind the Peacock Door.

  • Send the silvered dead to bring the sleeping souls of mortals: Dispatch Maids-in-the-Mirror to collect Witnesses to the Allure

Talk to a Maid-in-the-Mirror about the Allure, and it will bring a sleeping soul up the Ascent of Knives to witness it. However, there are four complications: you need seven Witnesses, there is a 120s decay timer on all of the intermediate states, every time you do this the Maid goes away and you need a new one, and best of all, you get a NOTORIETY every time. On the plus side, you can stall the Witnesses’ decay by talking to them, which gives you a Fascination, and once you’ve gone all the way to the Cloud of Witnesses, they will not decay. And, notably, this is the thing you will need to have in the Rite, along with Allure, in order to get hints about what other things you need to put in to win. So, uh, good luck with the Notoriety. You should set up a means of reliably summoning Maids without consumables so that you don’t go crazy on this stage if there’s a rebellion: I gave Neville the level 8 Edge tool to hold, making him Knock 5/Edge 2, and then with Winter 8 lore I could summon Maids via Sunset Rites very easily.

  • The Key of Days: Frau Schlüssel

If you talk to Sulochana about the Dream of a Key, she says she won’t help you. The Change Ascension suggests there is some bad blood between her and this sister. She suggests you talk to someone on the other side of the Wood who cares about the Glory. Summon Teresa and talk to her about the Dream of a Key, and the Ligeian will come to town. She doesn’t want anything before she’ll help and she doesn’t decay: just talk to Frau Schlüssel and she’ll promise to come with her Key, just for the opportunity to see something so rare happen. What a nice lady!

  • The Watchman’s Eye was opened, not in the usual way, but with a knife. We will need what it bled.: Ichor Vitreous

Ichor Vitreous can be found in the Cave of Candles in the Lands Beyond the Forest. If only there were some snappy way of saying “a place beyond the forest.” You’d think Latin would have a way to express that. Oh well.

  • Centipede always knows the way. We’ll need her secrets.: Centipede Testament

Centipede Testament is Moth 10 lore, learnable directly from three books: The Book of Masks, found in The Eye of Ikirmawi in the Rending Mountains, In The Mountains As Upon The Plain There May Not Be A Path Where None Has Passed, found in Orthos Wood on the Continent, and The Serenity of the Black Wood, found in the Key-Hunter’s Garret on the Continent.

  • We’ll need a Watchman’s Glass for our Illuminated One to enact the utmost illumination.: Watchman’s Glass

Well, that’s relatively easy. You can get a fractured Watchman’s Glass from The Eye of Ikirmawi in the Rending Mountains and then repair it, or you can get a whole one from St Tentreto of the Deep Door in the Evening Isles.

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