Don’t Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland – Perfect Defense / Cold Guide

Here’s a guide to surviving the bitter cold of the wasteland in the second variation of day 2.

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To defend yourself from the snowstorm perfectly, you’ll need several things.

  • Everybody wearing jackets.
  • A Heater, a Radiator and an oven – all working.
  • A Lit Fireplace.
  • Closed Doors.
  • Sealed Windows and a covered Roof Hatch.

Let’s go over these defenses in detail.


Here, you’ll need:

  • Four Jackets.

You’ll find two of these Jackets after revisiting the old Roadblock and finding some off-road tire tracks. Following these tracks leads you to an RV. Inside, you’ll find a cupboard near the ceiling. In the larger compartment, you’ll find two Jackets.

Two more jackets can be found in Barry’s house. After trying to enter his house for the first time, ask Cate to distract him while you invade his house. In his closet, you’ll find two more Jackets.

Heater, Radiator and Oven

This requires several items.

  • Fueled Heater.
  • Fixed Radiator.
  • Extension Cord.
  • Full Fuel Canister.

Getting the Fueled Heater and the Fixed Radiator requires.

  • Empty Heater.
  • Propane Tank.
  • Broken Radiator.
  • Screwdriver.

The Empty Heater can be found in the back of the restaurant. Enter the front of the restaurant to find Cody busy with the door inside. He won’t let you do anything, so you’re gonna have to sneak in back. When you’re in the back, examine the garbage container, then ask Cate to help you push it. Climb through the window to find yourself in the back room of the kitchen, but most importantly, in proximity of the Heater.

The Propane Tank can be found in the back of Barry’s house, but you’ll need the Adjustable Wrench to get it. Combine it with the Empty Heater to get the Fueled Heater.

The Broken Radiator is also found in Barry’s house.

The Screwdriver is found in the attic of your house. Climb through the hatch after Cate’s crash knocks it loose in the morning, and find it in the room where Cate crashed. Use it on the Broken Radiator to get the Fixed Radiator, at the cost of some time.

The Extension Cord is also found in the attic, in the next room over.

See my Gas Guide to find out how to get a full fuel canister.

So set everything up, first, pour fuel into the generator in the barn. Set the dial to “house” and start it up. In the house, stick the extension cord in the power socket in the kitchen. Put both the Fixed Radiator and the Fixed Heater in the Extension Cord and turn the oven on (just click on it). Congratulations, your kitchen is now a sauna.

Lit Fireplace

Setting up the fireplace is a surprisingly complicated procedure. You’ll need:

  • A Lighter.
  • A Bag of Charcoal.
  • Four Old Planks.
  • A Wad of Cash.
  • A Stack of Documents.

The Bag of Charcoal, the Lighter and the Wad of Cash can all be found lying around the Gas Station’s convenience store. The Lighter is found in the pink trinket stand.

The Old Wood Planks can be received by dismantling the greenhouse by your hideout four times total (details in the Gas Guide). You may have some planks left over from when you did this on day one. Take them. You’ll need as many as possible.

The Stack of Documents can be found in your hideout upstairs where the broken PC is.

To set up your fireplace, empty the Charcoal Bag into your Fireplace, and place the bag it leaves you with on top as kindling. Place all four Old Planks in the kindling basket, followed by the Wad of Cash and Stack of Documents as extra fuel and kindling respectively. Finally, use the lighter to ignite the fireplace.

Openings in the House

These are going to be important to cover up. The doors simply need to be closed, but the windows and roof hatch are a bit trickier. You’ll need:

  • Two Blankets.
  • A Thermal Blanket.
  • A Restaurant Flag.
  • Duct Tape.

One of the Blankets can be found in Barry’s house on his couch. See above for instructions on how to get into his house.

The other Blanket can be found in the RV, lying on the Driver’s seat. Examining the first aid kit repeatedly will also get you the Thermal Blanket. Instructions on how to find the RV can be found above.

The Restaurant Flag will be found in the back of the Restaurant where the flagpole is. Using the Green Pipe as a release mechanism, release the Flag to get it, and its Rope.

See the Gas Guide to find out where to find the Duct Tape.

To seal up your windows, simply cover them in either a Blanket, a Thermal Blanket or the Restaurant Flag (they’re functionally identical) before Duct-Taping them to their windows. Climb to the attic and cover the opening with whatever you have left.

And don’t forget to close the doors!

What to Do

All of this can be done masterfully with the proper procedure. Here’s how I like to do it:

  • Grab the Screwdriver and the Extension Cord from the Attic. Then, get the stack of documents from next to the PC and use the crowbar to completely dismantle the greenhouse outside.
  • On your way to the Restaurant, stop by the Gas Station for a Fuel refill. Pick up the bag of Charcoal and the Wad of Cash from there, too.
  • Go to the restaurant with the Green Pipe and get yourself a Restaurant Flag and an Empty Heater. Get and open a can of food for Cody with the Crowbar and Kitchen Knife respectively, unless you’re a heartless monster and want to get the Lone Wolf achievement.
  • Sneak into Barry’s house to nab yourself a Blanket, two Jackets, a Broken Radiator and a Propane Tank. Also, hold a funeral for Maggie to get on Barry’s good side, unless you’re a cold-blooded psychopath and want to get the Lone Wolf achievement.
  • Visit the Roadblock to discover the tire tracks leading to the RV, while dropping some stuff at the hideout on the way to make room in your backpack.
  • Grab another blanket, a thermal blanket and two more coats.
  • Make your final preparations: Seal the windows with Duct-Taped Blankets, cover the attic hatch with the Flag, fuel and run the generator to power the house, plug in an extension cord in the kitchen and set up the Radiator, Heater and Oven, put Charcoal in the fireplace and light it using the Charcoal Bag as kindling, dump all of the greenhouse Wood, the Wad of Cash and the Stack of Documents in the kindling basket to use as extra fuel, give everyone their coats and remember to shut the doors! Finally, call it a day as you put your own coat on and get through the night un-chilled.
Written by DaGamerDude584

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