Don’t Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland – Perfect Defense / Thugs Guide

It’s the apocalypse, and a gang just decided to go all Mad Max on your hideout. Here’s how to set up an ideal defense.

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There are several defenses you need to set up. Interestingly, not all of them will be done at your hideout. Here’s what you need to remember to do:

  • Convince Sarge and his men to leave.
  • Nail Iron Bars on the ground floor window.
  • Place Bear Traps outside.
  • Upgrade your Rifle with a Scope and a Silencer.
  • Leave some Whiskey with Razor’s food supply.
  • Dump Kitchen Oil in Razor’s ammo supply.
  • Kill a guard.
  • Close and lock the doors.
  • Arm your allies.
  • Finish the day by either the Bathroom Window or by the Helicopter Wreck with your Sniper Rifle.

Before all of this, though, you’ll need to go through the ruined Sideral Plexus office to find the shuttle port.

Sideral Plexus Office

When you first get here, you’ll need to climb a sand dune to enter through the roof, but not before one of your beloved team members tragically falls to his death. Soldier onward, pick up the small rock by the ruined lab door if you don’t have anything to smash glass with and go to the third floor.

Here, you’ll be in a dark corridor. Practice your pick pocketing skills on the corpse to get its ID. Examine the ID to get a small key. There is also a rifle silencer on the floor that you can pick up. Trust me, it’s there. It’ll be easier to see once the lights are on.

Go back into the hallway and use the small key on the closed door. You’ll find an emergency battery there with an interesting mechanism. You must attach wires from the leftmost pins to the rightmost receptors. The pins in the middle increase or decrease the voltage by the specified amount. There are a couple of pins with their numbers rubbed out. These pins actually work. The rubbed out pin on the left adds 20 V, while the rubbed out pin on the right adds 15 V. Get 50 V to pin A and 10 V to pin B to get the power back.

Back to the hallway, you’ll notice there’s now a computer that’s on. Check it out and read the e-mails. There are three important ones. The file from the e-mail labeled “Escape”, the file from the e-mail labeled “hunt…” and the e-mail labeled “PINS”. The last one tells you that in order to re-route the power to to second floor (the one below), you must direct 15 V to pin A and 40 V to pin B. Do so and descend.

You’ll know you re-routed the power correctly when you see it bathed in ominous red light. There are two doors. One locked from the inside, and one blocked by a pipe. If you have Cody with you, examine the vent by the locked door and ask him to crawl through. If you have Barry with you, examine the pipe and ask him to help you push it aside. Inside each room is a Floppy Disk and some documents with some neat callbacks. Hang on to the Floppy Disk, it’s important.

Once you’re done with that, open the elevator shaft, break the fire hose glass and toss the fire hose down the shaft to make yourself a safe way down.

On your way out, you may see your dying compatriot. Talk to him to have some heart-wrenching last moments with them, before resigning to your fate and continuing your journey.

Convincing Sarge to Leave

To do this, you’ll need:

  • The Adjustable wrench.

See Gas Guide to find out where to get it.

Once you’re done with SPHQ, Go to the Gas Station and you’ll hear some voices. You’ll notice an army-looking guy and a thug-looking guy having a nice discussion. In brief, the thug-looking guy wants to turn you into swiss cheese while the army-looking guy, Sarge, isn’t as enthusiastic, but goes along with it anyways.

Once they leave, Give Sarge the Adjustable Wrench to give him more dialogue options. First, talk about the moon to remind him that he’s gonna die soon. Then, ask him to not kill you, remind him that the moon will kill him, bring up his squad, and finally, remind him that Razor’s an ♥♥♥ to fully convince him to leave you alone.

While you’re here, there’s an important stop to make. Go to the restaurant’s restroom, and search the nearby closet to net yourself the Kitchen Oil and the Rat Poison.

Fortifying Your Home

There’s a few blockades you can place by your house to slow the thug’s attack. You’ll need:

  • Handful of Nails.
  • Metal Bars.
  • Four Bear Traps.

See the Gas Guide to find out where to get the Metal Bars and the Handfuls of Nails. Unless three sets of Metal Bars were destroyed against the spiders back on day 1. In which case one last set can be found in Razor’s hideout, so be sure to leave 9 kg of room in your pack if that’s the case.

If you had to deal with Spiders back on day one, you should have found two bear traps in the big green van. If you used those to defend against the spiders, you’ll find two activated Bear Traps with dead spiders stuck in them. Use the screwdriver to reset them, though be wary, it’ll take some time.

Your final two bear traps will be found in the Hunter’s Lodge. One of them will be found inside the hut, unattended and prime for the taking. The other one will be found outside with a dead boar inside. It will take some time to undo the trap, like before, but for some reason, you don’t need the screwdriver to do so.

If you didn’t deal with spiders back on day one, you should find three ready-to-grab bear traps in the hunter’s lodge.

You should end up with four Bear Traps. Set them up outside your house (drop them either right next to the front door or the back door).

Infiltrating Razor’s Base

Time to take the fight to Razor. Kind of. You’ll be messing with his supplies, which will play against him and his gang. You’ll need:

  • Bottle of Whiskey.
  • Kitchen Oil and/or Water Bottle.
  • Silenced Rifle (Rifle + Silencer).

One thing to note is that combining the Rifle and the Silencer takes an hour, regardless of how much help you get.

After overhearing Sarge’s conversation with Razor, you will discover his base. Go there. The front entrance is heavily guarded, so don’t bother doing anything about it. You can, however, sneak in from the side. Once you’re at a parking lot, examine the nearby corpse to get a maggot. Toss the maggot on the leftmost section of the fence and wait for the crow to pick it up, distracting the guard. Run by while his eyes are off the parking lot, and you’re free to meddle with some supplies.

Use the bottle of Kitchen Oil to soak Razor’s ammo and place a Bottle of Whiskey next to the food supply.

*IMPORTANT* It is possible to use the Rat Poison to poison the food supply. If you have successfully convinced Sarge to leave, or plan to do so in the near future, DO NOT DO THIS. Poisoning the food will kill and/or disable a total of four men. One of them is one of SARGE’s men. He WILL want revenge, and thus, render your agreement null.

On your way back, the guard will be too busy cleaning his gun to notice you. This is the time to strike. Use the Silenced Rifle to take him out in cold blood.

Time to head back to base.

Final Preparations

Once you’re inside your house again, lock the doors and get yourself ready for the final confrontation. You’ll need:

  • A Loaded Silenced Sniper Rifle (Rifle Ammo + Silencer + Scope + Rifle).
  • A Loaded Revolver (Revolver + Revolver Ammo).

Everything above except the Silencer (see above) and the Rifle (see Gas Guide) is found in the Hunting Lodge.The Scope is just lying around in one of the rooms, but everything else is tucked away in the floor safe. Which floor safe you may ask? The one under the couch that you can reveal by examining some scratches by the couch and then the couch itself, of course! You can pry it open with the Crowbar, but using it to tilt one of the mounted deer’s askew antlers is a more time-effective option.

Loading the Revolver and Rifle takes no time at all, but upgrading the Rifle is a different story. It’ll take you an hour to attach the silencer, as mentioned above, and it’ll cost you another hour to attach the scope.

Once you have all that done, though, you’d better remember to lock your doors. After all, the thugs are the only threat who know how to open doors.

Preferably, Barry would be around to wield the Revolver. Otherwise, Give the revolver to Cody and spend some time training him to use it.

Finally, position yourself with the Silenced Sniper Rifle and some extra Revolver Ammo on hand, ready to teach those bastards a lesson.

What to Do

Okay, that was a lot to take in, but what does the checklist look like? Something like this, in my experience:

  • Go to the Sidereal Plexus office and do everything there. Remember the Silencer!
  • Stop by the Gas Station to negotiate with Sarge.
  • Though it’s out of the way, it’s essential to go to the Hunter’s Lodge now to pick up the Whiskey, Scope, Bear Traps, Ammo, and Revolver.
  • Infiltrate Razor’s Hideout and sabotage his supplies, and kill a man.
  • Make final preparations at your hideout.

Once you’re through with all of that, no one should even need to open fire (except yourself) as you prove Sarge right. It was indeed a massacre. Lead by you.

Next time: Optimizing your Shuttle to not leak air.

Written by DaGamerDude584

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