Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades – Beginner’s Guide

Slick sausages shaving your HP? Tired of feeling clunky when reaching for your gun? Maybe you just aren’t doing something right!


Pistols in this game can be divided into 3 categories, Automatic, Revolving, and Special.

Automatic pistols are pretty simple to use and understand: load the mag, pull the slide. There still might be some things you didn’t know, however!

Akimbo Pistols: One of the biggest issues with akimbo (duel wielding) pistols is the reloads, but you can make them faster! Instead of putting each mag in individually, follow these steps with your pistols!
Note that this works best with harnessed pistols.

  • Tap the drop mag and grip buttons on your controllers.
  • Grab your mags, both at the same time.
  • Put them in the general area of the mag well.
  • Grab guns and fire!

If the slide is locked back, you can quickly push the slides against a wall after the third step.

Stocks:Not really a secret, but more something I’ve seen many people skip over. You can put a stock from the attachments category on the bottom of a pistols handle on most of them.

Revolvers, being the gun commonly associated with the Wild West, are some of the most commonly used weapons. Even then, some people don’t know about some of the things you can do to make them easier to use.

Drop Casings with One Hand:Jerking the revolver downwards with the cylinder out will eject all of the casings, allowing you to do that reflexively while reaching for your speedloader/bullets with the other hand.

Spinning:Not really a tip, but more something you can do for style points. Holding down on the top of your trackpad and moving your hand will allow your revolver to spin!

Special pistols are the other pistols in the pistols category: the lever actions and the break actions.

Volcanic:This lever action pistol loads from a tube mag which can be loaded by pressing the end of the barrel. A foregrip is located in front of the lever.

This one also has a foregrip to help for stability.


Shotguns are mostly the same. This part isn’t going to be too long.

Manually Loading a Shell:If you are messing around with a mix of shells, if you hold the pump back, you can insert another shell to override what is going to be loaded next. Useful for quickly loading an explosive shell to deal with a large group of sosigs!

One Handed Pumping:
You can pump a shotgun with one hand by grabbing the pump and the pump only, and shaking it up and down.


Really just automatic pistols with a better body. Another short one. PDWs are also going to be here.

Vector Quick Reload:If you deplete all of the bullets in a Vector’s mag, press the little black patch by the charging handle instead of using the handle.

P90 Reload:Put the P90 into a quickbelt slot when reloading. Makes it much easier to get the mag in when you don’t have to worry about collision.


Battle rifles, carbines, assault rifles, oh my!

M4 Pattern Reloads:Similar to the Vector, there is a button you can press near the mag to reload without using the charging handle.

M16 Sights:Due to the carry handle, the M16 has two sights that can be used in place of one that uses picatinny rails to attach.

AK Reloads:With some of the AKs, you can use the new mag to push out the old mag by hitting the little lever behind the old mag with the new one.

Bolt Actions

Be it long range or WW1, bolt actions are almost always present.

Quick Bolt Cycle:With your primary hand, you can cycle the bolt faster by holding down on the right side of the trackpad and making the movements you would normally.

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