PUBG – Survival and Gameplay Tips

Initial Spawn

Observe your plane inside and out during its flight path, as well as people jumping out around you. It’s not too hard to see them falling. Try not to jump out in a huge group in a popular area.

Most people jump early in the flight or towards the middle. Try to either jump over smaller towns or houses in clusters when first starting out. Stretching distance wise rather than diving straight down is the key.

Landing in named/marked towns (named on the Map) is usually an instant fight to the death. You’ll find yourself rushing to find a gun just to kill every one that landed with you rather than building up and equipping yourself with the tools you’ll need to survive in the long-run. Avoid these towns and look to land in smaller ones (with 3-5 houses).

Early fights will often end in wasting valuable resources which are required for end game usage.
An alternative method is to land near a car, make for the next town that is further from the flight path and get to looting again.


Once you land or arrive to a new spot by car, rush the nearby houses and complexes and search every room.

Make sure to find armour. Learn to recognise each level of armour so you can avoid running up if you already have a higher tier. The difference between a level 1 helmet and a level 2 or 3 helmet should be easy to distinguish without looking at its name. Same goes for backpacks and helmets.

Try to spend at least 1-2 minutes looting initially so you have time to check the circle and make your next plans to leave.

Hunting, Tracking & Staying Alive

Once you’re geared up with the basics you’re ready to leave, it’s time to open your map.

Keep an eye on the play zone. If it’s far away, you’ll need a vehicle.

If you’re already in the zone, find a good vantage spot to patrol around. You want to sneak around, stay in bushes, behind rocks, ditches whatever you have.

Try to stay in the centre of the circle at all times. This way, you won’t have to cover long distances and take unnecessary damage from the circle when it advances.

When running across fields, forests or otherwise, it’s easier for the enemy to see you than it is for you to see them. Stick to lower hills, places that will screen or hide you whilst crossing.

Don’t shoot at people unless you’re sure you’ll get the kill. If they get away, you’ll reveal your location and they’ll likely die at some point anyway. Never take a fight if your not sure about what’s behind you too. Vultures often listen for gun fights and will take the easy pickings once you reveal your location.

Final Stages

When you’re down to 15 people or less, try to get the best advantage spot in the incoming circle as this is where it gets difficult.

Bushes are a great place to hide in if you’re careful with your movements. Stay crouched, not prone. If you go prone, your movement of your turns is much more noticeable. Pointing the barrel of the gun down and using the ALT look is the best to maintain a bushes form.

Never loot your victims in the final circles, you’ll die for a couple of bullets so it’s best to just make do.

Always have your back on the circle, never sit in the middle of a possible multi-directional fight.

Don’t rely on wood as a barrier, 7.62 > will penetrate it and have high dmg.

Written by Pvtjace.

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