ASTRONEER – Gateway Chambers and How to Use Them

Those weird purple triangle thingies.

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Gateway Chambers

So, if you’ve been playing ASTRONEER* long enough to explore, (which, you probably have) you’ve most likely come across a weird purple triangle-shaped thing and don’t know what it is. Well, that’s a Gateway Chamber. And it’s pretty basic once you’ve figured it out.

First things first: we gotta learn how to activate ’em. If somehow you end up landing close to one, then just grab some extenders and BAM! You’re already done with it. But, as usual, if the nearest one if pretty darn far away, then you probably have to make some interplanetary trips to get some batteries (and an RTG if you’re willing to go that far.) and slap them on a truck to drive into the unknown. After you’ve reached your final destination, you gotta activate it. You probably see some cable plugs sticking out of it. After that, you probably know what to do there…

Gateway Engines

So hopefully my guide has helped you activate all the Gateway Chambers on the planet, so you might be a little mad about getting down and dirty here. Yep, that’s right- we’re going to the core.

There are two ways to approach this: one, the easy way- just put a drill in front of your truck — two, the hard way- manually digging the whole way down without running out of oxygen. Whichever way you choose, you’ll always find the same thing: a purple leg. That leg runs all the way to the core, so you don’t have to dig anymore (unless the leg is buried in the ground.)

And don’t flip out if your gravity changes from the floor to the leg- that’s supposed to happen! Another bonus- you won’t lose any oxygen inside the core- neat, huh? Anyways, you’ve gotta get inside and power it up. How, you ask? Well, it’s easy. Just grab whatever resource it requires and plop it in to get a key to the UFS (Unidentified Flying Satellite.) You better grab your hydrazine- we’re going on a little trip.

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