Pathologic 2 – Achievement Guide

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Inevitable Achievements

There are 10 “Tick-tock” achievements, just survive till the mentioned day and you get it.

Pathologic 2 - Achievement Guide

Ticking Away

You will get it when you finish the introduction.

Alarm Bell

Appears on Day 3 after 7pm, you definitely won’t miss it.

Comes the Inquisitor

She will come on Day 7 at 7:30am.

Comes the Commander

Start Day 9.

Side Quests

Heavenly Train

After 6pm on Day 2 or later you can meet a group of kids at the Station, they will explain to you how to summon a ghost train. Follow the nearby train track that curves westward and wait at the end of it.

Victoria’s Trace

Starting on Day 4, you will hear piano music from random houses around town. Go inside and speak to the NPC inside to start the quest. Do this two more times to unlock the achievement.

More Than Meat

On Day 6 in the Backbone grocery you can find Big Vlad. Advise him to close the meat shop.

Magic Lantern

On Day 3 or later, go to the Nutshell with one piece of metal scrap in your inventory. Fix the lantern for them.



On Day 1, you will meet Bachelor at Rubin’s apartment. When you leave the house a group of kids asks for your help. Return to Bachelor and insist that he should help ’em. You must do this before going to Notkin’s warehouse for the first time.

Mute Curse

Starting on Day 2, speak with Maria and Capella at the Nutshell. Leave the building; Clara will be awaiting behind the door to curse you.

Additional Achievements

On the Run

Complete Grief, Rubin, Notkin, and Lara’s quests on Day 1 before 8pm.

In Kind

On Day 1, speak to the girl sitting on the box in Notkin’s warehouse; she’ll give you toast and milk. On Day 2, speak to her with toast in your inventory.

Fate No More

On Day 1 go to sleep. Let the bandits kill you during the trainyard dream.

We’re Only Looking

Sleep on Day 2 and witness the door dream. Turn around from your starting position and speak with Measly and Thrush.

Rotten Tooth

Talk to Sticky on Day 5 to receive the quest to speak with the Chemist in the Bridge Square. Speak with the Chemist and then with Victor. After that, find the house with Maria and speak to her.

Another Sky

Climb up the stairs of the Polyhedron. Available starting on Day 8.


Receive the quest to speak with Aglaya after 8pm on Day 10. Agree to flee with her and then meet her at the train station after 2am on Day 11. Walk back to town after the following events.

Dream On

Witness all dreams during a single playthrough, including:

  • Day 1: Trainyard dream
  • Day 1: Rat Prophet dream
  • To witness, sleep after 2:30pm on Day 1 without having completed all quests involving Grief, Notkin, Lara, and Rubin.
  • Days 2–5: Door dream
  • Day 3: First herb bride dream
  • Days 4–11: Theatre dream
  • Days 5–6: School Dream
  • Days 5–6: Termitary dream
  • Days 7–11 Murky dream
  • To witness, either let Murky’s “friend” take her or do not go to the Crowstone in the evening of Day 6 and the early morning of Day 7.
  • Day 7: Second herb bride dream
  • Day 10: Abattoir dream

Must have completed the Abattoir quest available on Day 9.

One for All

Speak to Lara, Grief, and Stakh during the Diurnal ending. To keep all three alive, you must make sure that neither Lara nor Grief die from the Sand Pest. You also must test the Panacea before the Inquisitor’s arrival on Day 7 and must speak to Rubin in the Train Station on Day 11. Last, you must complete Lara’s quest on Day 10.

No Reflection

Speak to all reflections, including those of:

  • Day 1: Grief
  • Day 3 Early morning: Aspity
  • Day 5: Alexander and Katerina
  • Day 7: Oyun
  • Day 10: Aglaya
  • Day 10: Lara

L’appel du Vide

Become infected and you will hear the whisper of the Plague.


Save the game in the Cathedral by using the hourglass on the second floor.


Ascend the Polyhedron starting on Day 8 and leap off from the point marked by the origami crane.

Doctor’s Risk

Test the Panacea on yourself. Best way to do this—when you meet Murky’s “friend” on Day 6 after sunset. Tell Changeling to infect you instead of Murky, then heal yourself. Two birds with one stone.


Name the Albinos during the Abattoir dream available starting on Day 10.

Three Graces

Speak to Anna, Eva, and Maria over the course of Days 4 through 6.

Umbilical Cord

On Day 6, speak with Measly and Thrush at the train platform and pick the dialogue option that suggests that you know someone who can help destroy the train tracks. Speak to Grief, and then meet him on the tracks after midnight on Day 7.

Parcels of Life

Save two infants from plagued houses and turn them in at Town Hall during Days 4 and 5.


Trade with children twenty-seven times.

Not a Dream

Complete the Abattoir quest available on Day 9 with Living Blood in your inventory.

Nocturnal Ending

Destroy the Inquisitor’s orders on Day 11.

Diurnal Ending

Deliver the Inquisitor’s orders to Block on Day 11.


On Day 11, reach 10pm without picking up the Inquisitor’s orders.


Die seven times, accept the Fellow Traveler’s offer, and then finish the game.

His Grace

Complete Grace’s quest on Day 7 and then tell Dora to send Grace to a safe place in town. Afterwards, speak with Grace at Peter’s house.

Wonder Bull

Buy the Wonder Bull on Day 1 and speak to it on Day 11.


View the pantomime at the Theatre every night from Days 2 through 11.

Big Heart

Speak with Zurkhen’s Big Chamber while infected during the Abattoir quest on Day 9.

Clear Conscience

On Day 2, speak with the member of the Kin sitting on the cart outside the Termitary and accept his money. Go to Aspity’s during the early morning of Day 3; speak with the Kin member again and agree to return the money.


Finish the game without adjusting the difficulty slider.

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