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» » Pathologic 2 - Achievement Guide

Pathologic 2 - Achievement Guide

By Evildoer   /   Jun 13, 2019     Guides
Pathologic 2 - Achievement Guide

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Side Quests

Heavenly Train

At the second day or later you can meet a group of kids at the Station, they will explain to you how to summon a ghost train.

Victoria's Trace

At the 5th day you will hear the music from one of the houses. Come inside and then will start the quest.

More Than Meat

At the 6th day in the Backbone grocery you can find Big Vlad. Advise him to close the meat shop.

Magic Lantern

At the 4th day go to the Kids nest with one piece of metal scrap in your inventory. And fix projector for them.



At the very first day you will meet Bachelor at Rubin's apartment. When you leave the house a group of kids asks for your help. Return to Bachelor and insist that he should help 'em.

Mute Curse

At the second (or third) day go to the Kids nest, you will see Maria and Capella talking privately. Leave the building, Clara will be awaiting behind the door to curse you.

Miscellaneous Achievements


Trade with children twenty-seven times. That's it.

L'appel du Vide

Become infected and you will hear the whisper of the Plague.


Save the game in the Cathedral.

Doctor's Risk

Test the Panacea on yourself. Best way to do this — when you meet Murky's "friend" at the 6th day after sunset. Tell Changeling to infect you instead of Murky, then heal yourself. Two birds with one stone.

Unmissable Achievements

There are 10 "Tick-tock" achievements, just survive till the mentioned day and you get it.

Pathologic 2 - Achievement Guide

Ticking Away

You will get it, when you finish introduction.

Alarm Bell

Appears at the third day, you definitely won't miss it.

Comes the Inquisitor

She will come at the 7th day at 7:30
Game:   Pathologic 2
Written by Evildoer.