ARK: Survival Evolved – Removing Tether Distance if You are Playing with Another Person on a Non Dedicated Server

How to remove that annoying tether distance from a non dedicated server so that your friends or family dont teleport to you after going a certain distance.

Benefits / Downsides


  • No tether distance so your friend wont have to stay near to you and can actually be on the other side of the map from you in non dedicated servers.


  • Please take note that your machine (if ur hosting the non dedicated server) will run a lot slower if you do this so I advise you to only do this if you have a somewhat decent computer, you will also probably have to take a hit to your graphics if you want better FPS.

How Though?

First, go to the place shown in the image, it can be found to the left upon clicking on host/local (scroll all the way down).

It will have a random value in it as shown below.

Click on that value and you will find that you can edit it! Change that to some impossibly high number if you want no distance limit.

Enjoy ARK with your friends without pesky tether distance.

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  1. The option doesn’t exist I’ve never seen it and seeing videos about it being on Xbox but when i look for it it’s nowhere to be found. Neither me or my friends see that option anywhere.

    Any answers to this would be nice.

  2. i want to make a 1v1 with my friend but i dont want him to see me across the map on my non dedicated server… how can solve this problem?

  3. should take note that the tether mechanic behaves. . . strangely. . . sometimes, especially around water or on certant maps (seems that the tether distance decides your friends need to be hugging you if you drop below a certant elevation) so be mindful about that when deciding to go exploring with friends on a non dedicated server, a quick dive in the water can mean everyone gets sent across the world to join in, regardless of if they are on the other side of the map or within shouting distance of you

  4. Cant use the Tek thing that looks for dinos to its full effect with this at 999999 or you’ll get like 4 FPS.

    • Can you tell me why it won’t show up for me? I have ARK on PC and XBOX but neither option is there and I rlly jus wanna play solo with my friends without getting raided

  5. Be aware of a glitch that causes your dinos to have massive speed increase in the water. It can be annoying and a good way to lose dinos. It seems to be caused by the tether distance.

  6. if you attempt to go into a cave and you’re not the host, you will be teleported back to the host without warning, you will only be warned about tether distance once you’ve already been teleported. for some reason caves don’t load independantly, the host has to be inside them for them to load.

  7. To everyone asking about going into caves on non-dedicated servers: there is no solution. This is tied to the way Ark handles where actors (people and dinos) are and when to draw them. When the host enters a cave, it triggers all the actors inside to spawn and all the ones outside to despawn (to save on memory) so it pulls everyone to the cave since there’s nothing outside of it while the host is in there, and when someone other than the host tries to enter, it triggers the same thing but since that’s not the person hosting, it doesn’t render anything and you’re teleported back to the host as the game thinks you’re going out-of-bounds. You would have to redesign the game to fix this, and I don’t think it’s very high on Wildcard’s to-do list.

  8. the tether thing just pure n simple needs to go as it really serves no purpose other than to annoy people and this is the only game i have ever seen that has such an annoying thing!!!!! even setting it to 500 all someone needs to do is touch the ocean n everyone is ported to the host! serves no purpose!!!!

    • Ya, it’s VERY frustrating…Don’t know why they don’t just remove it from the game all together

  9. Me and boyfriend wanted to do a PVP in ark but can’t find the tether option and we’ve been playing ark for a while now and have never seen it

    • the option has always been there.
      it still is. i just reinstalled ark for the lost islands update and now im having issues with tether distance cause if i set it beyond 3 it crashes…
      fucking why ark even has this i dont know.

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