Dead by Daylight – Gain Iridescent Shards

Guide on gaining Iridescent Shards.


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Iridescent Shards are a currency used in Dead By daylight to gain items through play time. They’re the ‘f2p’ option in Dead by daylights store that take around 70 hours to gain enough for a character unlock.


1) The ultimate perk of Iridescent Shards is to unlock new characters and killers that arn’t licensed by a company such as the hag, plague, clown and the legion. Killers and some survivors like Freddy and the shade are licensed and have to be bought from a DLC pack to gain revenue for the film companies.

Unlocking Kate

Dead by Daylight - Gain Iridescent Shards

2) The shrine of secrets lets player spend Iridescent Shards to unlock teachable perks quicker and for characters you don’t own. Great if you have all characters unlocked already and need to grab a quick perk. I wouldn’t recommend this for new players as it costs 2,000 shards and should be saved for unlocks as doing it the long way through blood points isn’t hard.

Dead by Daylight - Gain Iridescent Shards

3) Pretty much useless but certain cosmetics can be bought with Iridescent Shards if you just so happen to have everything unlocked and need a new scarf.

Dead by Daylight - Gain Iridescent Shards


Completing Matches

Sadly the way of gaining Iridescent Shards is very limited as finishing matches and gain xp for your level count is the only way to gain Iridescent Shards. Every player level on your account in the top right of the lobby gives 300 shards.

Example: Level 75-76 gives +300 shards.

10 Iridescent Shards per match

Completing a match gives 10 shards without leveling up.

One second in a trial equals 1 XP

Spending time in a trial will generate xp towards leveling up and gaining Iridescent Shards.

Dead by Daylight - Gain Iridescent Shards


My thoughts are if you truly love the game you won’t mind grinding matches for free unlocks but I will admit 175 hours and only 18,000 Iridescent Shards is pretty poor rates.

I honestly wish it would gift more per level up but it is what it is in the end we should all support the developers and purchase DLC packs.

There’s way to many things to purchase with Iridescent Shards for the rates to be so slow and painful.

Diagram of me grinding for Iridescent Shards

Dead by Daylight - Gain Iridescent Shards

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