Dead by Daylight – How to Obtain Hidden Achievements / Trophies

Hidden Achievements / Trophies Guide

Agonising Escape

  • Wait on the exit till the killer downs you.

Backdoor Escape

  • Easy way: Bring Hatch Offering and a Key.
  • Still Easy: Bring a Key.
  • Kind of Easy: Bring hatch offering, hide and wait for your teammates to die or leave the match (Only start hiding on the end of the match, please don’t hide the whole match doing 0 gens/saves/chases, is easier if you help your team).
  • Lucky: Just play, you will eventually get it.
  • Extra Lucky: Don’t be toxic and sometimes Killers will give you the hatch. If he wants to give you the hatch and you strugle most killers will just hook you, just don’t.

Where did they go?

  • This one you have to bring a Key. Is easier to just go with a full swf on coms and bring key/hatch offering.

Blood on your hands

  • Easiest way is Myers with Tombstone Piece. If you don’t have myers just take a green/pink mori.

Blood on your Face

  • I would suggest Myers with both “Fragant tuft of Hair” and “Judith’s tombstone” with a yellow mori, killing 2, slugging the 3rd, killing the 4th, mori the 3rd.
  • If you don’t have Myers just keep bringging Ebony Mori till you get it.

Blood on your mouth

  • Easiest way is playing Pyramid Head. You can use Devour Hope everygame till you get it, or else you will have to bring a lot of Moris.
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