PUBG – Best Places to Aim

Where exactly are the best places to aim?
I can help!

The Beginning

Starting Off

In PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds, it can sometimes be tough to know if you are outputting damage to an opponent. This is a common problem for most people who start off in the world of Battlegrounds. Everyone should know how, and where to aim on a player. Whether you are playing Solo, Duos, or Squad gamemodes, these tips will come in handy.

How, and Where to Aim

So, how and where do you aim?

The best way to aim is to double-right click to “scope in.” From there, you can use SHIFT to “zoom in” with you reticle. This is another way of holding your breath to stablize the shot. From there, depending on your surroundings, you can use Q and E to “peek” around corners, walls, fences, etc… Aiming or “scoping in” will always depend on your optic. If you are using a 4x scope for CQB, it will be harder to spot the target opposed to having a Holosight. Using a reflex sight on a sniper isn’t a good idea for long-range engagements. I have included an image of the “crouching” playermodel to help you make a plan of how to engage.

PUBG - Best Places to Aim

Remember, aiming is about your concentration and skill. If you are under pressure, it won’t be a piece of cake.

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